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Spin of the Wheel

Musical with music and lyrics by Geoff Morrow and book by Timothy Prager.

Palace Theatre Watford - Opened 11 March 1987; Closed [date not known]
Comedy Theatre, London - Previewed 2 April 1987; Opened 7 April 1987 ; Closed 2 May 1987 (36 Perfs)

Director - Timothy Prager: Designer - Gerald Howland: Orchestrations - David Firman: Musical Staging - Peter Walker: Lighting - Mark Henderson: Sound - Rick Clarke: Video - Mark Huffington



Spin of the Wheel is the extraordinary musical saga of Janie Jones and her search for the answer; the nerdish Chester and his search for love, and the disgustingly sleazy Game Show host Danny Lemon, and his search for cash.

In a bigger than average American City, Horatio Daly presents the almost adequate game show, Spin of the Wheel. Not surprisingly, the show is in danger of being pulled off the air due to its ever shrinking viewing audience. The prospect of unemployment has tweaked the anxiety of the Show's staff. The writers, Sammy and Louie and the key production personnel, Ralph and Jacko desperately try to remain sane. This is difficult.

The Game Show's hostess, Regina, prepares for a career on posters or at least as a newsreader. And the show's host, Danny Lemon, the kind of man our parents warned us about, remains oblivious to his falling popularity and looks to even more visible and meatier opportunities on Dynasty

Musical Numbers

  1. Spin Of The Wheel- Danny
  2. That's A Long Story - Janie
  3. It's Only A Game Show - Danny, Ralph, Sammy, Jacko, Louie
  4. He Likes The Girl - Danny, Ralph, Sammy, Jacko, Louie
  5. Lucky - Chester, Janie
  6. What Would You Do Without Me? - Regina, Danny
  7. One More Postcard - Chester
  8. He Loves The Girl - Danny, Ralph, Sammy, Jacko, Louie
  9. Life Is a Citrus Tree - Janie
  10. Life Is a Carousel- Chester
  11. The Largest Known Butterfly - Company
  12. Lucky (reprise) - Janie
  13. Life Is (reprise) - Chester
  14. He Hates The Girl - Danny
  15. Minding The Store - Chester
  16. Dirty Work - Danny, Ralph, Sammy, Jacko, Louie, Chester
  17. If - Danny, Regina
  18. When I Came Out Of The Cellar - Janie
  19. The Largest Known Butterfly (reprise) - Company
  20. What Would You Do With Me? (reprise) - Janie, Regina
  21. Imagine This - Sammy
  22. If (reprise) - Danny, Janie
  23. That's A Long Story (reprise) - Chester
  24. Lucky (reprise) - Chester
  25. Daly Is The Name - Chester, Janie