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Spend, Spend, Spend


A new musical by Steve Brown and Justin Greene inspired by the life of Viv Nicholson from the book by Viv Nicholson and Stephen Smith. Directed by Jeremy Sams. Lighting by Mark Henderson. Choreographed by Craig Revel Horwood. Designed by Lez Brotherston. Sound by Rick Clarke.

Cast: Barbara Dickson (Viv Nicholson), Steven Houghton (Keith Nicholson) and Rachel Leskovac (Young Viv Nicholson) along with Jonathan Burn, Tania Caridia, Susan Fay, Kate Harbour, Marjorie Keys, Gary Milner, Craig Nicholls, Stuart Nurse, Stuart Pendred, Robin Samson, Jeff Shankley, Nicola Sloane, Duncan Smith, Jamie Somers, Mary Stockley and Paul Thornloy.

Piccadilly Theatre, London - 12 October, 1999


In 1961, before The Beatles, moonwalking and the mini skirt, housewife Viv Nicholson won the first mega-jackpot on the football pools. When the papers asked Viv Nicholson what she'd do with her new fortune, her answer turned her into a household name: "I'm going to spend, spend, spend!".

Her rags to riches and back to rags story took her through five husbands, fast cars, bankruptcy and booze. She woke up spent.

This riveting new musical charts the tragedy, the comedy and the love story that is the legend of Viv Nicholson

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Salon Mystique
  3. Ice Cream Girl
  4. I'll Take Care Of Thee
  5. Upstairs In My Room
  6. Sexual Happening
  7. Special Day
  8. Boy Next Door
  9. Scars Of Love
  10. John Collier
  11. The Win
  12. Two Rooms
  13. Spend Spend Spend!
  14. The Miners arms
  15. Take Me Away
  16. Garforth
  17. Take Me Away (Reprise)
  18. Drinking In America
  19. Canary
  20. Who's Gonna Love Me?
  21. Dance Of The Suits / Pieces Of Me
  22. A Brand New Husband
  23. Spent Spent Spent
  24. Canary (Reprise)
  25. Mother, Oh Mother
  26. Finale



Keyboard; Trumpet; Cornet; Flugelhorn; Trombone; Euphonium; Tenor Sax; Flute; Clarinet; Bass Guitar; Drums; Percussion