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Off-Broadway Cast RecordingSong of Singapore


Book, Music and Lyrics by Allan Katz, Erik Frandsen; Michael Garin; Robert Hipkens; Paula Lockheart.

Song of Singapore , Off-Broadway: 459 (Perfs)
May Fair Theatre, London - 2 July - 9 September, 2001


Song of Singapore is an excuse for some fun.

Set in Singapore in 1941, the show is about dizzy, dumb blonde chanteuse Rose, who has lost her memory. As the Japanese are about to attack Rose comes out of amnesia with the news she is the long-lost Amelia Earhart. As the show ends she decides to rescue her beloved bandsmen by flying them to safety. Unfortunately, the safe haven she chooses is in Hawaii, and by now it is, of course, December 7th , the day that will live in infamy, the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.

The score is a vivid parade of 40s parodies and pastiches (Andrews Sisters close-harmony, scat, swing, gospel) with just enough of an original twist to deliver a comic punch.

Musical Numbers

Scenes and Settings

Setting - December 1941


  • Freddy's Song of Singapore Café:
  • A Nightclub in Singapore


Drums; Bass; Saxophone; Clarinet; Trombone


Cast Recording - DRG 18003