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Snoopy!!! - The Musical

Based on the comic strip "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schulz

Book by Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw & Michael L. Grace: Music by Larry Grossman: Lyrics by Hal Hackaday :Originally produced by Arthur Whitelaw, Michael L. Grace & Susan Bloom. Originally Directed by Arthur Whitelaw

Lamb's Theatre Off-Broadway - 20 December, 1982 (152 perfs)

Atop his kennel, Snoopy surveys the skies, scene of his triumph as a First World War flying ace. Modestly he considers his genius. Stoically he accepts that his brilliance in nearly every field of endeavour will forever go unremarked by humankind. He can but uphold his own high standards. ("I refuse to chase a stick that hasn't been properly sanded and polished") and his own immutable philosophy ("In the book of the life the answers are not in the back").

This charming show features a real person as Snoopy (unless you can get a beagle to learn the routines), and five other members as his human friends with one non-speaking dancer as Woodstock.

But if you wish you can add massed choirs to sing the songs and the local formation dance team to help Woodstock!

Musical Numbers:

  1. The Big Bow-Wow
  2. Clouds
  3. Daisy Hill
  4. Dime A Dozen
  5. Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be
  6. Edgar Allan Poe
  7. I Know Now
  8. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
  9. Just One Person
  10. Mother's Day
  11. Poor Sweet Baby
  12. Sit Up! Lie Down! Roll Over! Play Dead!
  13. Snoopy's Song
  14. Vigil
  15. Where Did That Little Dog Go?
  16. Woodstock's Theme
  17. The World According To Snoopy


Piano; Percussion 1 & 2; Bass' Guitar; Keyboard 1 & 2


Original London Cast Recording - Polydor 820247


  • Charley Brown
  • Linus
  • Sally Brown
  • Lucy
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Snoopy
  • Woodstock (non-speaking role)