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Sleepwalker - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

By Gary Earl Ross

Genre: Supernatural Mystery / Horror.

A stage adaptation of the classic 1919 German silent horror film (recently recognised to be in the top five German films ever made), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. After a mysterious doctor with a zombie-like slave comes to a small mountain village for the annual fair, bodies begin to pile up, and a courageous medical student takes it upon himself to unmask the killer.

Cast: 5 or 6 males, 2 or 3 females, 7 gender neutral roles, many non-speaking roles for passersby / crowds.

Staging: A psychological thriller, Sleepwalker is a play adaptable to any size stage and offers the opportunity for costumes and sets limited to black, white, and gray to mirror the original film itself.

Rights Holder: Next Gen Publications - http://www.nextgenpublications.com/musicals-dr-caligari.htm