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Sing a Rude Song

Lyrics by Caryl Brahms and Ned Sherrin: Music by Ron Grainer

First produced at the Greenwich Theatre February 17th, 1970 it was presented at the Garrick Theatre May 26th (71 perfs) by Robert Stigwood and Bob Swash.


Marie Lloyd was born in 1870. During her career she experienced continuous professional success from the age of 17. She created songs like "My Old Man," "One of the Ruins" and "Oh Mr. Porter" and brought colour, liveliness of observation, art of a very high order and a touch of what she used to call "the old blue bag" to faithful audiences until she died within hours of collapsing on stage at Edmonton in October, 1922. Her private life was a different matter and "Sing A Rude Song" tells the story of her troubles with two of her three husbands; the coster singer Alec Hurley and the much younger Irish jockey, Bernard Dillon, who won the Derby in 1910 and was subsequently warned off. She had her troubles with authority, too, crossing the L.C.C. licensing authorities and being left out of the First Royal Command Variety Performance in 1912 at a time when she was the undisputed Queen of the Halls.

Musical Numbers

  1. I'm In A Mood To Get My Teeth Into A Song - Marie Lloyd, Alec Hurley
  2. That's What They Say - Company
  3. This Time It's Happiness – Marie Lloyd
  4. Whoops Cookie – Marie Lloyd, Denis Quilley
  5. It Was Only A Friendly Kiss –  Marie Lloyd
  6. Whoops Cookie (Reprise) / We've Been And Gone And Done It – Marie Lloyd, Bernard Dillon
  7. Haven't The Words – Alec Hurley
  8. You Don't Know What It's Like To Fall In Love At Forty – Marie Lloyd
  9. Waiting On The Off Chance - Company
  10. Waiting For The Royal Train –  Marie Lloyd, Bernard Dillon
  11. I'm Nobody In Particular –  Alec Hurley
  12. Wave Goodbye – Alec Hurley
  13. Leave Here To Linger With The Ladies –  Bernard Dillon
  14. The One And Only – Marie Lloyd
  15. Sing A Rude Song – Marie Lloyd & company


  • Marie Lloyd
  • Alec Hurley
  • Bernard Dillon
  • Moss Mindlebaum
  • Harrison Arthur Blount
  • Mavis Sombolini
  • Cissie Sambolini
  • Velma Sambolini
  • Oldmeadow
  • Canon Fairbrother
  • Miss Leftwich
  • Alice
  • Rosie
  • Little Old Lady
  • Mrs. Fairy Cox
  • Jenny
  • Marie's Friend
  • Marie's Friend's Friend
  • Jackie Gerado
  • Mr. Primitive Methodist
  • Mrs. Primitive Methodist
  • Bookie
  • Jockey
  • Porter
  • Station Master
  • Stage Manager
  • Waiters


Original London Cast Recording - Polydor 2383 018