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LogoShe Loves Me

A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts. Book by Joe Masteroff. Based on the play Parfumerie by Miklos Laszlo. Music by Jerry Bock. Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.

Eugene O'Neill Theatre, Broadway - 23 April, 1963 (302 perfs)
Lyric Theatre, London - 29 April, 1964


Secret pen pals blossom into a love affair in this charming musical based on the Jimmy Stewart film The Shop Around the Corner. With a small cast of winsome eccentrics aiding and abetting the love-stricken couple, She Loves Me is sure to prove a hit with audiences everywhere.


Set in a mid-European city in the 1930s, the action takes place mostly in and outside Maraczek's Parfumerie. Amalia and Georg, who work in the shop, loathe each other, but coincidentally they are anonymous correspondents known to each other only as “Dear Friend”. When they finally arrange a meeting at the Cafe Impériale, Georg realising that his pen-pal is Amalia, does not reveal his identity, and the girl thinks she has been stood up. Presently they find themselves falling in love, and on Christmas Eve Georg confesses to the correspondence.

Cast: 7 men; 2 women; 5 customers and assorted characters which may be doubled.

Original Cast

(in order of appearance):

  • Mr. Sipos: NA'T'HANIEL FREY.
  • Miss Ritter: BARBARA BAXLEY.
  • Mr. Kodaly: JACK CASSIDY.
  • Georg Nowack: DANIEL MASSEY.
  • Mr. Maraezek: LUDWIG DONATH.
  • Window Shoppers: Jety Herlick, Judy West.
  • First Customer: Marion Delano.
  • Second Customer: Peg Murray.
  • Third Customer: Trude Adams.
  • Amalia Balash: BARBARA COOK.
  • Fourth Customer: Judy West.
  • Fifth Customer: Jety Herlick.
  • Sixth Customer: Vicki Mansfield.
  • Mr. Keller: Gino Conforti.
  • Waiter: Wood Romoff.
  • Busboy: Al De Sio.
  • Violinist: Gino Conforti.
  • Viktor: Pepe De Chazza.
  • Stefanie: Vicki Mansfield.
  • Magda: Judy West.
  • Ferencz: Bob Bishop.
  • Couple: Peg Murray, Joe Ross.
  • Nurse: Jety Herlick.
  • Carolers: Jo Wilder, Joe Ross, Gino Conforti.
  • Paul: Les Martin.


2 Reed version

3 Reed Version
Reed I (piccolo/flute/alto flute [opt]/clarinet [opt] Eb clarinet [opt]); Reed II (flute [opt]/oboe [opt]/cor anglais [opt]/clarinet/Eb clarinet [opt]/bass clarinet); Horn [opt]; Trumpet [db flugelhorn if no horn]; Percussion; 2 Keyboards; 3 Violins [2nd/3rd opt]; Viola [opt]; Cello; Double Bass

Reed I (piccolo/flute/alto flute [opt]/clarinet [opt] Eb clarinet [opt]); Reed II (flute [opt]/oboe [opt]/cor anglais [opt]/clarinet/Eb clarinet [opt]/bass clarinet); Reed III (flute [opt]/clarinet/bass clarinet/bassoon [opt]; Horn [opt]; Trumpet [db flugelhorn if no horn]; Percussion; 2 Keyboards; 3 Violins [2nd/3rd opt]; Viola [opt]; Cello; Double Bass
Scene from 1993 Broadway production  
Scenes from the 1993 Broadway production of She Loves Me

Musical Numbers


  1. Overture Orchestra
  2. "Good Morning, Good Day" Arpad Sipos, Ritter Kodaly, Georg
  3. "Sounds While Selling" Georg, Sipos, Kodaly, Three Customers
  4. "Days Gone By" Maraczek
  5. "No More Candy" Amalia
  6. "Three Letters" Georg, Amalia
  7. "Tonight at Eight" Georg
  8. "I Don't Know His Name" Amalia, Ritter
  9. "Perspective" Sipos
  10. "Goodbye" Georg, Clerks, Customers
  11. "Will He Like Me?" Amalia
  12. "Ilona" Kodaly, Sipos, Arpad
  13. "I Resolve" Ritter
  14. "A Romantic Atmosphere" Headwaiter, Busboy, Patrons
  15. "Dear Friend" Amalia 


  1. Entr'acte Orchestra
  2. "Try Me" Arpad
  3. "Where's My Shoe?" Amalia, Georg
  4. "Vanilla Ice Cream" Amalia
  5. "She Loves Me" Georg
  6. "A Trip to the Library" Ritter
  7. "Grand Knowing You" Kodaly
  8. "Twelve Days to Christmas" Carollers, Shoppers, Clerks
  9. "Finale" Amalia, Georg


Percussion; Trumpet ; Woodwinds; Violin ; Bass; Synthesizers; Cello


Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in a city in Europe in the 1930s (inside and outside Maraczek's Parfumerie, the Cafe Imperiale, a hospital room and Miss Balash's apartment).