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Saucy Jack & the Space Vixens

Book by Charlotte Mann; Lyrics by Charlotte Mann and Michael Fidler; Music by Jonathan Croose and Robin Forrest.

Based on an original idea by Johanna Allitt, Simon Curtis, Michael Fidler and Charlotte Mann.

Queen’s Theatre, London - March 25th, 1998 (85 Performances)

Since its creation in 1995 at the Edinburgh Festival Saucy Jack has been performed to ecstatic audiences in all manner of venues from West End theatres to Victorian railway arches; tiny back street bars to giant big tops. It has constantly delighted people with its explosive energy and has attained a sub-cultural status with a fan-base of plastic-clad revellers who follow the show around.


The show is set in a seedy cabaret bar on the planet Frottage III — presided over by the alluring and charismatic Saucy Jack himself. All is not well — danger lurks in every corner as the cabaret acts are being picked off by a serial killer. As the show begins Vulva Savannah, promising entertainer and torch-song singer, has just become the latest victim of the Slingback Killer. The Space Vixens arrive to solve the mystery — interstellar, super-fashion crime fighters here to save the day by the Power of Disco! They hit the ground singing with the explosive house anthem Glitter Boots Saved My Life


Set in a future galaxy, Saucy Jack’s bar is the meanest dive on the Planet Frottage, and is a regular haunt for Booby, a transvestite waitress, Chesty Prospects, the barmaid, and a doctor called Willie Whackoff. But, a serial killer is on the loose: one by one the bar’s cabaret performers are found with a sequinned stiletto-heel sling-back rammed through their hearts. Enter the Space Vixens - Jubilee Climax, Anna Labia, and Bunny Lingus – the inter-galactic, crime-fighting babes who zoom in, all glitter boots and zap-guns, to solve the crimes. By the end, Jubilee Climax and Saucy Jack have fallen in love, Chesty and Bunny are having a Lesbian affair, and Whackoff and a character called Mitch are dressed in rubber.

Musical Numbers

  1. Glitter Boots
  2. Saved My Life
  3. All I Need is Disco
  4. Living in Hell
  5. Plastic Leather and Love
  6. Fetish Number from Nowhere,
  7. I’m Just a Tortured Plaything



Nine well balanced roles — M5 F4. No band required. Music is contemporary in style with electronic sounds and sequenced dance rhythms essential. High quality backing tracks available. Option of adding live instruments over sequenced tracks.


This vibrant, full interactive — but not invasive — show can be performed in a wide variety of spaces from theatres to bars, clubs and studios — anywhere that can be made to resemble a futuristic, seedy bar.

All enquiries (and demo CD) from:
Music Dept, Samuel French Ltd, 52 Fitzroy Street, London WIT 5JR.
Tel: 020 7255 4301 Fax: 020 7387 2161 Email: theatre@samuelfrench-london.co.uk