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LogoSaturday Night Fever

A Musical in 2 Acts, 19 Scenes.

Based on the Paramount/RSO Picture, based on a story by Nik Cohn. Screenplay by Norman Wexler.
Stage adaptation by Nan Knighton, in collaboration with Arlene Phillips, Paul Nicholas and Robert Stigwood.

Opened 21 October 1999 at the Minskoff Theatre and closed 30 December 2000 after 500 performances.


The show focuses on Tony Manero, a Brooklyn youth whose weekend is spent at the local discotheque. There he luxuriates in the admiration of the crowd and a growing relationship with Stephanie Mangano, and can temporarily forget the realities of his life, including a dead-end job in a paint store and his gang of deadbeat friends.

Original Broadway Cast

  • Tony Manero: JAMES CARPINELLO.
  • Stephanie Mangano: PAIGE PRICE.
  • Annette: ORFEH.
  • Bobby C: PAUL CASTREE.
  • Joey: SEAN PALMER.
  • Monty: BRYAN BATT.
  • Frank Manero: Casey Nicholaw.
  • Flo Manero/Lucille: Suzanne Costallos.
  • Frank Junior: Jerry Tellier.
  • Fusco/Al: Frank Mastrone.
  • Jay Langhart/Becker: David Coburn.
  • Chester: Andre Ward.
  • Cesar: Michael Balderrama.
  • Vinnie: Chris Ghelfi.
  • Sal: Dania] Jerod Brown.
  • Dino: Brian J. Marcum.
  • Lou: Rick Spaans.
  • Dom: Miles Alden.
  • Roberto: Ottavio.
  • Antonio: Drisco Fernandez.
  • Ike: David Robertson.
  • Shirley: Kanne Plantadit-Bageot.
  • Maria: Natalie Willes.
  • Connie: Jeanine Meyers.
  • Doreen: Angelo Pupello.
  • Linda Manero/Patti: Aliane Baquerot.
  • Gina: Rebecca Sherman.
  • Sophia: Paula Wise.
  • Donna: Shannon Beach.
  • Rosalie: Deanna Dys.
  • Lola: Jennifer Newman.
  • Inez: Danielle Jolie.
  • Lorene: Stacey Martin.
  • Kenny: Kristoffer Cusick.
  • Nick: Karl duHoffmann.
  • Rocker: Roger Lee Israel.
  • Natalie: Anne Nicole Biancofiore.
  • Ann Marie: Marcia Urani.
  • Angela: Gina Philistine.

Swings: Anne Nicole Biancofiore, Kristoffer Cusick, Karl duHoffmann, David Eggers, Roger Lee Israel, Gina Philistine, Amanda Plesa, Marcia Urani.

Scenes and Settings

Time: 1976.or whenever you were 19. Place: New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan)

Act 1

Scene 1: The Neighbourhood. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
Scene 2: The Manero House.
Scene 3: Outside 2001 Odyssey — Saturday Night.
Scene 4: Inside 2001 Odyssey — Saturday Night.
Scene 5: The Neighbourhood Paint Store.
Scene 6: The Manero House.
Scene 7: Dale Dance Studios.
Scene 8: The Neighbourhood.
Scene 9: Inside 2001 Odyssey — Saturday Night.

Act 2

Scene 1: The Verrazano Narrows Bridge — Saturday Night.
Scene 2: Dale Dance Studios.
Scene 3: The Neighbourhood.
Scene 4: Stephanie's Apartment — Manhattan.
Scene 5: Bench overlooking Bridge.
Scene 6: The Neighbourhood.
Scene 7: Inside 2001 Odyssey — Saturday Night. The Dance Competition.
Scene 8: Exterior 2001 Odyssey — Saturday Night.
Scene 9: The Verrazano Narrows Bridge — Saturday Night.
Scene 10: Park Bench near the Bridge.

Musical Numbers

  1. Stayin' Alive - Tony Manero, the Company
  2. Boogie Shoes (Music and Lyrics by Harry Casey and Richard Finch) - Tony Manero, the Faces
  3. Disco Inferno (Music and Lyrics by Leroy Green and Ron `Have Mercy' Kersey) - Monty, the Company
  4. Night Fever - Tony Manero, the Company
  5. Disco Duck (Music and Lyrics by Rick Dees) - Monty
  6. More Than a Woman - Tony Manero, Stephanie Mangano
  7. If I Can't Have You - Annette
  8. It's My Neighborhood - The Company
  9. You Should Be Dancin' - Tony Manero, the Company
  10. Jive Talkin' - Tony Manero, Annette, the Faces, the Company
  11. First and Last - Bobby C.
  12. Tragedy - Bobby C.
  13. What Kind of Fool (Music and Lyrics by Barry Gibb and Albhy Galuten) - Stephanie Mangano
  14. Nights on Broadway - Annette, Stephanie Mangano, the Company
  15. The Dance Competition:
    Open Sesame (Music and Lyrics by Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, George Brown, Charles Smith, Dennis Thomas) - Danced by Chester and Shirley
    More Than a Woman - Danced by Tony Manero, Stephanie Mangano
    Salsation (Music by David Shire) - Danced by Cesar, Maria
  16. Immortality - Tony Manero
  17. How Deep Is Your Love - Tony Manero, Stephanie Mangano

Additional music credits: