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Music, book and lyrics by Peter Link and C. C. Courtney

Jan Hus Playhouse Off Broadway 24 September, 1969 (239 perfs)


An unorthodox rock musical revolving around youths' problems, needs and rebellion. Structured as a parody of a revival meeting, it links dialogue and a strong pop score into the search for meaning which underlies the protests of a generation. 'Cheerfully irreverent ... winningly innocent' - New York Post. An overwhelming rush of very good pop tunes' - New York Times.


4 men, 4 women

Musical Numbers:

  1. Back to Genesis
  2. Ballin'
  3. Daedalus
  4. Deuteronomy XVII Verse 2
  5. Footloose Youth and Fancy Free
  6. For Ever
  7. Gina
  8. Honest Confession Is Good For the Soul
  9. If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can't I Touch You?
  10. In Between
  11. Let the Moment Slip By
  12. Let's Get Lost In Now
  13. 1001
  14. Salvation
  15. Schwartz
  16. There Ain't No Flies On Jesus
  17. Tomorrow Is the First Day Of the Rest Of My Life


Reed (flute/clarinet/bass clarinet/alto sax), trumpet db. flugelhorn, electronic organ db. piano/electric piano, guitar (electric/acoustic), percussion, bass guitar