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Sally Blane, the World's Greatest Detective

Music and lyrics by David Levy and Leslie Eberhard;
Book by Helen Sneed and Peter Webb

A musical for adults about children and a real delight for the whole family. Though the action calls for numerous exotic locales, they are all suggested; half the fun is in getting the audience to use its imagination.

Sally Blane, a pretty and indomitable seventeen-year-old, has solved mysteries all over the globe and has helped thousands of people in distress. Early in this, her latest adventure, she discovers that her father, Lane Blane, is being held hostage by a coffee cartel in Latin America. With her omnipresent chaperone, Fricka Norse, and her plump chum, Amaryllis White, Sally sets forth to save her Dad. Her boyfriend, Scotty Schuykill, wants her to stay home with him and do normal things like go to school. Sally can't resist another mystery, though, and takes off for foreign soil.

Aboard the SS Privilege, bound for Latin America, Sally is stalked by the menacing (though bumbling) Blister Owen. She also meets up with Consuelo and Lupe Wordsworth, two helpless waifs who are returning to the land of their birth to hunt for their inheritance, the Wordsworth Fortune. Sally vows to help them. Once in Latin America, she is introduced to Connie and Lulu's sinister aunt, Tia Esmerelda, who seems to know more about the whereabouts of Sally's father than she should.

Aided only by her flashlight and a magnifying glass, Sally is run-down by a sinister sedan, beaten up by a thug, rendered unconscious by a drug-soaked handkerchief, kidnapped, hit on the head, poisoned by a mysterious devil doll, lured through the hazardous tropical rain forest, and pushed down an old stone well by her own father. And that's only Act One!

In Act Two she finds time to become fluent in Spanish, learn the tango, discovers the missing fortune, save her father's life, and subvert a massive plot to take over the entire Southern Hemisphere. Just before the curtain, Sally is reconciled with Scotty and promises to go back to school. A mysterious gun shot rings out, and Sally charges off on her next case.

Cast: 3 men, 7 women