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Sweetest and Lowest


Revue. (final in the Sweet & Low trilogy) Music by Charles Zwar; Book and Lyrics by Alan Melville

Ambassador Theatre - 9 May, 1946 (791 performances)

I am indebted to Judy Harris who provided me with the link to the material on this page.
More of Judy's work can be found at http://www.bestweb.net/~foosie/index.htm


Hermione Gingold; Christopher Hewitt; Henry Kendall; George Carden; George Carden; Richard Curnock; Gretchen Franklin; Monica Mallory ; Roma Milne; Julie Stafford; Pam Travers; Olive Wright

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue - Hermione Gingold
  2. Fencing for an Opening - Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall and Company
  3. Swing Bridge - Roma Milne, Gordon Humphris, Richard Curnock
  4. Long Lie - Henry Kendall, Olive Wright
  5. Self - Portrait - Hermione Gingold
  6. Bubbles - Henry Kendall
  7. Noel, Noel - Hermione Gingold, Christopher Hewett and Girls
  8. Brown Studies - Barbara Barrie, Gordon Humphris and the Girls
  9. Film Foursome - Hermione Gingold, Olive Wright, Richard Curnock, Christopher Hewett
  10. Days of Daly's - Henry Kendall and Girls
  11. Last To Get Out - Gretchen Franklin
  12. A Marriage Has Been Well Arranged - Olive Wright, Barbara Barrie, Julie Stafford, Pam Travers and Monica Mallory
  13. Mother India - Hermione Gingold
  14. Pantomime - - Return Visit - Henry Kendall, Gordon Humphris
  15. It's that Finale Again - Hermione Gingold, Roma Milne, Gretchen Franklin, Olive Wright, Henry Kendall, Gordon Humphris, Richard Curnock, Christopher Hewett, John Denis and Girls
  16. Fit for Eros - Roma Milne, Gordon Humphris, Gretchen Franklin, Olive Wright, Julie Stafford, Richard Curnock, Christopher Hewett, Pam Travers, Monica Mallory
  17. Absolute Hell - Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall
  18. "1851" - Roma Milne, Gretchen Franklin, Doreen Farmer
  19. Heredity - Hermione Gingold
  20. Dance Arrangement - Gordon Humphris
  21. Sea Shanty - Hermione Gingold, Julie Stafford, Pam Travers, Monica Mallory
  22. Etchings - Olive Wright
  23. Services Rendered Anew - Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall, Gretchen Franklin
  24. Appeal - Richard Curnock
  25. Amo, Amas - Roma Milne, Gordon Humphris, Gretchen Franklin, Olive Wright, Richard Curnock and Girls
  26. Initiative - Henry Kendall, Gretchen Franklin
  27. Sheet Music - Hermione Gingold
  28. What Next? - The Company