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Sweet Little Devil


Musical comedy in 3 Acts; Book by Frank Mandel and Lauirence Schwab; music by George Gershwin; Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSykva

Astor Theatre, New York - 21 Januray, 1924; Transferred to Central Theatre 25 February, 1924; Closed 3 May. 1924 (120 perfs).


Tom Nesbitt has been corresponding with one of the beauties from the Follies.  He is horrified when he learns that Joyce proves to be a callous money-grabber.  However, it turns out that it is Joyce's flat mate, the little devil, Virginia Culpepper who has really been doing the corresponding.

Tom eventually settles for Virginia, and a life in Peru.

Musical Numbers


  1. Overture
  2. Strike, Strike, Strike - Joyce, Rena, Boys, Girls
  3. Virginia, (Don't Go Too Far) - Virginia, Boys, Girls
  4. You're Mighty Lucky  (You Little Ducky)  - Sam, Joan
  5. Someone Who Believes in You - Virginia, Tom
  6. System - Virginia, Joyce, May
  7. The Jijibo - May, Fred, Boys, Girls
  8. Finale - All Concerned


  1. Quite a Party (Opening) - Boys and Girls
  2. Waltz -  Joan, Richard
  3. Under a One-Man Top - May, Fred
  4. Flirtation Ballet (Virginia reprise) - Virginia, Boys, Girls
  5. The Matrimonial Handicap - Joyce, Tom, May, Fred, Boys, Girls
  6. Just Supposing - Virginia, Tom
  7. Hey! Hey! (Let 'Er Go!) - Fred, Boys, Girls
  8. Party Dance - Marian
  9. Finale - All Concerned

ACT 3sld-cd

  1. Opening - Boys and Girls
  2. Special Dance - Richard, Marian
  3. The Same Old Story - Virginia, Boys, Girls
  4. Hooray for the U.S.A. - Sam, May, Rena
  5. Finale - Entire Company


Young ladies who sing; Young Ladies who Dance, Young Men

Scenes and Settings