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A new play with music written by Helen Edmundson, with music and lyrics by Neil Hannon based on the story by Arthur Ransome.

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 15th December, 2011 - 14 January, 2012


All aboard The Swallow! Follow Captain John and his able crew as they set sail to Wildcat Island on an exotic adventure to encounter savages, capture dastardly pirates and defeat mortal enemies.

An action-packed musical adventure for the whole family, Swallows and Amazons is a story of an idyllic era, of endless summer evenings and the beauty of youthful imagination.

Based on the much-loved book by Arthur Ransome, this delightful and gloriously imaginative production is directed by Tom Morris, co-director of the National Theatre’s Tony Award-winning smash hit War Horse and Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic where the show premiered to critical acclaim in 2010. Swallows and Amazons is written by Helen Edmundson who adapted the National’s acclaimed Coram Boy, with music by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy.


The Walker children (John, Susan, Titty and Roger) on holiday in the Lake District, sail a borrowed dinghy named  “Swallow” to a lonely island, where they meet the Blackett children (Nancy and Peggy) who sail a dinghy named  “Amazon”.

Initially regarding each other as adversaries, they eventually band together against a common enemy - the  Blacketts' grumpy uncle James Turner whom they call "Captain Flint".

In order to determine who should be the overall leader of their gang they have a contest to see which can capture the others' boat. The Walkers win, but at the same time come across burglars stealing Captain Flint’s property.

Initially he blames them for the theft, but when they recover his property and he learns the truth he allows himself to be tried for his “crimes” and agrees “to walk the plank” on his own houseboat before they are all reconciled in a happy ending.sa-p