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a comic opera in 3 acts by Albert Jarret. Music by Alfred Cellier.

Prince's Theatre, Manchester - 16 November - 19 December, 1874. (30 perfs - season)
St James' Theatre, London - 17 April - 2 June, 1876 (47 perfs)
Union Square Theatre, New York - 14th - 25th September, 1880 (13 perfs)


Dolly is being courted by the wealthy marine store owner 'Admiral' Sneak, but she is not at all partial for she is in love with the handsome sailor, Peter. Her uncle, the grasping Captain Flint, has other and more profitable plans for her than either of these suitors and storms off to sea taking Dolly with him for safe keeping.

In Act 2 they are found on the island of Mocha where Peter and the vengeful Sneak, who have followed them, are beached as well. While Captain Flint is selling his slaves Dolly is spied by the amorous Sultan who insists on buying her. She is rescued by the valiant Peter, then recaptured through the villainy of Sneak and condemned to marriage, but the Sultan is tricked finally into wedding the most adoring of his harem (disguised as Dolly) and the lovers are united for the final curtain.


  • H. H. The Seyd Shallah, Sultan of Mocha
  • Admiral Sneak
  • Captain Flint
  • Peter
  • Lord Chamberlain
  • Chief Scribe
  • Grand Vizier
  • Frank
  • Blackwall Bill
  • Greenwich Pensioners
  • Daniel Deadlight
  • Bob Duckett
  • Bosen Bill
  • Davy Jones
  • Hatchway Jim,
  • Dolly
  • Isidora, Eureka, Sultanas
  • Lucy
  • Moggy
  • Sarah
  • Jenny

Greenwich People, Pensioners, Watchmen, Slaves, Sailors, Corsairs, Guards, Odalisques, etc.

Scenes and Settings

Musical Numbers (Programme)


  1. Here's Three Times Three (Opening Chorus and Hornpipe)
  2. Let the Lords of Legislation (Song) - Dolly
  3. The Letter (Ballad) - Dolly
  4. He is Returning (Solo and Chorus) - Dolly, Chorus
  5. The Telescope (Song) - Sneak
  6. How now, what's the row (Trio and Chorus)
  7. 'Two sad when I and Dolly parted (Ballad) - Peter
  8. The Island that dares to be free (Wooden Leg Chorus of Pensioners)
  9. The Lass that waits for Peter (Toast) - Peter
  10. Pipes and Grog (Song) Peter
  11. We'll Sail Away with Peter (Chorus and Finale)


  1. I Love the Ocean (Song) - Sneak
  2. Now tremble, you traitor (Duo and Chorus)
  3. O Caspian (Chorus of Slaves)
  4. Woman's Rights (Song) - Dolly
  5. Sultan Am I (Procession and Song) - Sultan
  6. Come buy, come buy (Song) - Flint
  7. Sweet Hannah or Alice (Duo and Chorus)
  8. You'd better stay at Mocha (Chorus and Finale)


  1. A Sailor's Love (Chorus by the crew)
  2. I Really Am So Sleepy (Yawning Song) - Peter
  3. Close, thou gentle sleep (Slumber Song) - Dolly
  4. From Chambers.. (Chorus of Odalisques)
  5. It's very perplexing (Trio) - Sultan, Isidora, Eureka
  6. Unrequited love (Ballad) - Sultan
  7. My boat is on the shore (Barcarolle) - Peter, Dolly
  8. We are sober, we are ready (We'll sail away with Peter) - (Chorus and Finale)

Musical Numbers - Vocal Score

"The Sultan of Mocha" (1874)
Music by Alfred Cellier (1844-1891)
Libretto by Albert Jarret and W. Lestocq


Prelude - Pastorale

  1. Opening Chorus - "Here's three times three for the lads at sea who have lower'd the flag of Spain, and one more cheer for the girls on shore..."
  2. Song - Dolly - "Let the lords of legislation, ha, ha, ha! ha, ha, ha! write despatches for the nation, ha, ha, ha! ha, ha, ha! Simple folk believe them true..."
  3. Ballad - Dolly - "Ah! Yes, 'tis my Peter home returning, with joy he greets his native shore. For those delights all others spurning his Dolly must restore..."
  4. Bolero - Dolly and Chorus - "With joy entrancing my heart is dancing, past grief enhancing, enhancing my present bliss - he is returning..."
  5. Couplets - Sneak, Dolly and Flint - "Ah! do not think the gushing tide of love with frowns to turn aside, or deem the heart thy charms possess can yield..."
  6. Trio - Flint, Sneak and Dolly - "Away, ere you your guardian's wrath inflame ... Revenge, ah, ah, we'll yet her spirit tame! ... O help, O help..."
    1. Trio and Chorus - "How now, what's the row? We're valiant and courageous, we show our manly phiz whene'er we hear there is a desp'rate scene..."
  7. Ballad - Peter - "'Twas sad when I and Dolly parted, for she was fair and I was true, and we were well nigh broken-hearted when last we kiss'd..."
  8. The Pensioner's Chorus - "The Amarynthus was our gallant frigate nam'd; she bore brave Anson's colours at the main. In many a tough sea-fight..."
    1. The Toast - Peter - "The island tight we love so much with ne'er a fleet to beat her; the sailor lads that make her such, and the lass that waits for Peter."
  9. Drinking Song - Peter and Chorus - "Thro' storms and thro; tempest the sailor steers, from truth never varies, from courage ne'er veers! ..."
  10. Finale Act I - "We are sober, we are steady, for the voyage we are ready; to the Tropics or the Mediterranean sea we'll sail away with Peter..."


10a - Entr'acte

  1. Song - Sneak - "I left my native land and dared the perils of the sea, and came out here a buccaneer or pirate bold to be..."
  2. Duo - Peter, Sneak and Men - "Now tremble, now tremble, you traitor, you dark perpetrator of deeds that a mate or a tar should defy. Come, now..."
  3. Chorus of Slaves - "O, Caspian! O, Caspian! tho' gloomy the wave, and stern the deep shores that thy wild waters lave..."
  4. Song - Dolly - "If I could rule all women's hearts, I'd so their spirits fashion that they should scorn the tyrant sex and spurn the tender passion..."
  5. Soli - Flint, Dolly and Chorus - "But beware, for I swear that I'll sell you to the Grand Pasha. ... Nought I care, I'm aware that you'll sell me..."
  6. Procession, and Sultan's Song - "Sultan am I, not a bit shy; look at my eye, wary and sly, and upon my word I defy mighty and high kings far and nigh..."
  7. Song - Flint - "Come buy, come buy, the prices try, they're beauties passing rare, the choicest lot that e'er was got to grace a Mocha fair..."
    1. Slave Dance - Dolly - "Don't buy, don't buy, it's all my eye, they're neither rich nor rare, the shabbiest lot that e'er was got to grace a Mocha fair."
  8. Duo - Sultan and Dolly - "Sweet Hannah or Alice, oh come to my palace and drink from the chalice of pleasure with me. Oh, no, this young gal is afraid..."
  9. Finale Act II - "So you'd better stay with me at Mocha, and be number 5 0 3. You'll find me the wittiest joker from Greenwich to the Caspian Sea..."


No. 19a - Entr'acte

  1. Chorus - "It's a woeful sight when late at night cruel husbands beat their spouses, and a marrying maid by her lad betray'd is a sigh which our pity..."
  2. Yawning Song - Peter - "Tired and worn, rest now I crave; oh dear, I'm very sleepy. Blown by the wind, tossed by the wave, oh dear, I am so sleepy..."
    1. Musette
  3. Slumber Song - Dolly - "Close thou, gentle sleep, these ever wakeful eyes. Bid no hurtful step intrude where my true lover lies. Sweet the tender task..."
  4. Melos
  5. Chorus of Odalisques - "From chambers most mysterious we come quite mum; by orders most imperious, we odalisques are dumb..."
  6. Trio - Sultan, Isidore and Eureka - "Your beauty I hate and despise; your chattering tongue, m'am, annoys me. You'd best both get out if you're wise..."
  7. Ballad - Sultan - "My heart with anguish now is torn since you my ardent love deny. I wish I never had been born, or ere on you had set my eye..."
  8. Barcarole - Peter and Dolly - "My boat is on the shore, and man-ned she must be by never a mate or a cabin boy, but only you and me..."
  9. Ballet Music
  10. Finale Act III - "We are sober, we are steady, for voyage we are ready, from the Tropics to the Mediterranean sea, we'll sail away with Peter..."