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The Stiffkey Scandals of 1932

musical in two acts, a revised version of A Life in Bedrooms, by David Wright. Music and lyrics by David Wood: restaged as The Prostitute's Padre in 1997.

Queen's Theatre, London - 12 - 21June, 1969 (12 perfs)


Harold Francis Davidson (14 July 1875 – 30 July 1937), sometimes known as the "Prostitutes' Padre", was a Church of England priest and was famous as the "Rector of Stiffkey". He was defrocked in 1932 for his allegedly licentious lifestyle.

You can read more of the life and times of Harold Davidson at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Davidson

Musical Numbers

  1. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
  2. 1932
  3. Girls!
  4. Don't Judge by Appearances
  5. I Can't Understand You
  6. The Lament of Inglebert Ralph Thole
  7. Pestering
  8. The Prostitutes' Padre
  9. Playthings
  10. What a Scoop
  11. 3 Maybe
  12. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
  13. The Church of England
  14. The Fight Goes On
  15. Simple Gifts [traditional, arranged Carl Davis]