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Soho Cinders

scA new musical with music by GEORGE STILES, Book/lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE; Book by ELLIOT DAVIS

Soho Theatre, London - 9th August - 9th September, 2012 (Season)


When impoverished student Robbie becomes romantically involved with engaged Mayoral candidate James Prince, his lap-dancing step-sisters become the least of his problems! James and Robbie’s worlds collide forcing them to fight for their own fairy-tale ending in this hilarious, satirical twist on the classic Cinderella story.

The potent mix of politics, sex-scandals and true love come together in this contemporary musical with an infectious score that you’ll be humming long past the stroke of midnight.


Musical Numbers

Act I

  1. Old Compton Street – Sidesaddle, Velcro, Robbie, Dana, Clodagh and Company
  2. Wishing for the Normal – Velcro and Robbie
  3. Spin – James Prince, William George, Sasha and Company
  4. Gypsies of the Ether – James Prince and Robbie
  5. I'm So Over Men – Dana and Clodagh
  6. It's Hard to Tell – Velcro, Robbie and Company
  7. Old Compton Street (reprise) – Lord Bellingham
  8. You Shall Go to the Ball – Sidesaddle, Velcro and Company

Act II

  1. Entr'acte – Orchestra
  2. Who's that Boy? – Full Company
  3. They Don't Make Glass Slippers – Robbie
  4. Spin (reprise) – Marilyn Platt
  5. The Tail that Wags the Dog – William George and Company
  6. Let Him Go – Velcro and Marilyn Platt
  7. Fifteen Minutes – Dana, Clodagh and Company
  8. Finale – Marilyn Platt, Robbie, James Prince and Velcro
  9. Curtain Call – Full Company