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70, Girls, 70 Logo

Music by John Kander: Lyrics by Fred Ebb

Based on Peter Coke's play Breath of Spring and the movie of the play, Make Mine Mink

Broadhurst Theatre, New York 15 April, 1971 (36 Perfs)
Vaudeville Theatre, London 17 June, 1991

The setting is a somewhat run-down, seen-better-days hotel in upper Manhattan. It is a long-term hotel which is mainly occupied by retired theatrical performers. But these old-folk, being who they are, means they don't just sit around doing nothing. However, there is a rumour that the hotel is being sold off to developers which means they will all be homeless.

Ida had had to leave the hotel as she had run out of funds to pay for her lodgings. She found excitement in shoplifting, which, while starting off by accident, became a way of funding a better lifestyle.

Inspired by her example, her friend Eunice pops into Sadie's Shop and steals jewellery. Only one thing - she had inadvertently left her engagement ring when she had taken it off to try on a diamond ring. The result of this is that her friends, led by Ida, arrange a reverse burglary - to put back that which was stolen and get back her rightful ring. They all have a lot of fun doing this. But, the threat over the hotel becomes a reality - it is to be sold and knocked down to make way for development of the area.

Cast of UK Touring Production

Joan Savage, Dora Bryan, Jan Hunt & Brian Greene in the UK Touring production of
70, Girls, 70

How to save the hotel? The residents decide that they should be able to buy it with the proceeds from a few, just a few, robberies. The gang goes into successful action with life at the hotel become very enjoyable. Enjoyable, that is, until the police come snooping around. All they find though is a group of doddery old residents reliving there lives on the boards.

One big robbery is organised but when they enter the vaults with the help of the security guards, who just happen to be former dance partners of Gert, things don't go quite according to plan. Walter shuts the vault door after them which sets of the alarms. Ida, who knows she has not long to live anyway (she has a terminal illness which none of the others know about), says she'll stay behind and let the others escape.

The hotel is saved and from "on high" Ida looks down and watches the wedding of two of the residents, Eunice and Walter, and basks in the glory that the hotel has been renamed The Princess Ida.


  1. Believe
  2. Boom Ditty Boom
  3. Broadway
  4. My Street
  5. The Caper
  6. Coffee In a Cardboard Cup
  7. Do We?
  8. Go Visit
  9. Hit It Lorraine
  10. Home
  11. I Can't Do That Anymore
  12. Old Folks
  13. See The Light
  14. 70, Girls, 70
  15. Well Laid Plans
  16. Yes
  17. You and I, Love