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Pull Both Ends

Cover to Original Cast Album (Re-Issue)

Music and lyrics by John Schroeder and Anthony King: Book by Brian Comport

Piccadilly Theatre, London - July 18, 1972 (36 perfs)


A vehicle show for television dance favourites, The Young Generation.

The story is set in a Christmas cracker factory where the young people were the workers and the principals of the show tell a love story, a take-over bid, a strike and other trials and tribulations set against energetic, television style dancing and song.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Every Morning
  2. What About People?
  3. After All (We're Women)
  4. A Tiny Touch
  5. Particular Woman
  6. Some Kind of Love
  7. Decisions
  8. Put a Little Smile
  9. Wallflowers
  10. If You Knew the Way I Feel
  11. Get the World to Dance
  12. Here Am I
  13. Strike
  14. Little Leather Book
  15. There's Something About Her
  16. Oh, Joe
  17. Can This Be Love?
  18. We're Ready
  19. Pullin' Together


Original London Cast - That's Entertainment TERS 1028 (limited edition)