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Cover to the sheet music for "What Do You Do Sunday, Mary?"
Pictured: Annie Croft as "Poppy"

A Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Book & lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly: Music by Stephen Jones and Arthur Samuels: Additional numbers by John Egan

Apollo Theatre, Broadway - 13 September, 1923 - Closed 28 June, 1924 (345 perfs)
Gaiety Theatre, London 1924 (150 perfs)


A rags-to-riches tale of Poppy McGargle, a circus waif who discovers she is an heiress.

Original Cast

(in order of appearance):

Special Dancers: Hilda Burt, Lucretia Craig, Violet Vale, Victoria White.

Girls of the Ensemble: Linelle Blackburn, Nancy Lay, Helen Evans, Evelyn Jerrell, Helen Miade, Virginia Kelley, Mildred Stevens, Dorothy Whiteford, Devah Worrell, Beatrice Wilson, Elizabeth Collins, Kathleen McLoughlin.

Boys of the Ensemble: Ackland Powell, Thomas Monahan, Wally Myers, Gene Sinclair, Harry Blake, Al Watson, Norman Jefferson, Walter Wandell.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Opening Chorus - Boys and Girls
  2. Stepping Around - Mary Delafield, Amos Sniffen, Ensemble
  3. The Girl I've Never Met - William van Wyck, Dancers (3)
  4. Hang Your Sorrows in the Sun (Music by John Egan) - Poppy McGargle
    replaced with
    Someone Will Make Me Cry (Someone Will Make You Smile) (Music by Rudolf Sieczynski. Lyrics by Irving Caesar) - Poppy McGargle
  5. Two Make a Home (Music by Stephen Jones, Arthur Samuels) - Poppy McGargle, William van Wyck
  6. Kadoola Kadoola Solo - Professor Eustace McGargle
  7. When Men Are Alone - Mortimer Pottle, Dancers, Ensemble
  8. Fortune Telling - Poppy McGargle, Boys
  9. The Dancing Lesson (Opening Number) (Music by John Egan) - Premiere Dancer, Special Dancers, Ensemble
  10. Minstrels On Parade - Professor Eustace McGargle, Mortimer Pottle, Amos Sniffen
  11. Alibi Baby (Music by Arthur Samuels. Lyrics by Howard Dietz) - Mary Delafield, Ensemble
  12. On Our Honeymoon - Poppy McGargle, William van Wyck
    replaced by
    Poppy Dear - Poppy McGargle, William van Wyck
    later replaced by
    Reprise Waltz - Poppy McGargle, William van Wyck
  13. Choose a Partner, Please - Poppy McGargle, Ensemble
  14. Mary (Whaddaye Do Sundays, Whaddaye Do Mondays, Mary?), or (What Do You Do Sundays, Mary?) (Music by Stephen Jones. Lyrics by Irving Caesar) - Mary Delafield, Mortimer Pottle, Special Dancers, Ensemble
  15. A Picnic Party with You (Music by John Egan) - Mary Delafield, Mortimer Pottle, Special Dancers, Ensemble
  16. Finale - Entire Company

Scenes and Settings

Act 1:

Outside of the Fair Grounds, Greenmeadow, Connecticut. A September morning, 1874.

Act 2:

The House on the Hill. That evening.

Act 3:

At Mrs. Tucker's. A week later.