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La Plume de ma Tante

A French Revue.

Garrick Theatre, London - 3rd November, 1955


ON THE OCCASION of his first appearance in London Robert Dhéry scored a resounding success with his delightful French revue, and La Plume de ma Tante, in a mixture of English, French (easy!) and mime, immediately became one of the smash hits in Town. Though the company was augmented by several English revue artistes, the show was the same as the Paris revue. Being largely visual in its appeal, no adaptation was called for, while Dhéry himself with his air of modesty and apprehension emerged as a comedian of universal stature, like Chaplin. One of the charms of this clever revue proved to be that something is always going wrong but whatever disasters occurred on stage, M. Dhéry maintained his deadpan look, and the company stoically kept their stiff upper lip!

Programme included

"Domingo Blazes," - Roger Caccia, Henri Pennec, Ross Parker, Michael Kent, Frank Daubray and Pierre Olaf.

"This Other Eden," another sketch in mime. Adam, we are told by the compère, was "the first Frenchman," but he is slow to react to the apple which the Serpent offers. Colette Brosset, as Eve, Jacques Legras as the Serpent and Robert Dhéry as Adam.

The Cast included

Jacques Legras, Robert Dhéry, Colette Brosset, Christian Duvaleix, Pierre Olaf, Nicole Parent, Laurence Sonpault, Frank Daubray, Robert Caccia, Michael Kent, Henri Pennée, Ross Parker, Pamela Austin, Maureen Hill, Charmaine Buchel, Mary Reynolds, Gillian Low, Patricia Ellis, Patricia Barrett, Len MOrgan and Douglas Stimson

Musique by Gerard Calvi; English lyrics by Ross Parker
Choreography by Colette Brosset
Orchestra under the direction of Robert Probst
Staged by Alec Shanks