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Playing the Palace

A Musical in 2 Acts by June Walker Rogers.


Everybody wanted to play the Palace. It represented glamour and excitement and home to the greatest talent of its day. All that remains is an empty theatre and its "ghost light that gives a glow that is a constant reminder of the stars who performed on its stage. Rosie and her friends are determined to restore The Palace to its former splendour, but they must find a way to stop the developers who want to tear it down and build a condominium in its place.

Join in the fun - sing and dance to the greatest songs associated with stars like Eva Tanguay, "I Don't Care"; Joe Howard, "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?" Nora Bayes, "Shine On Harvest Moon"; George M. Cohan, "Give My Regards to Broadway" - and help Rosie make her dream come true. You, too, can play The Palace and know the thrill of being a part of show business!


large, variable, with chorus, or smaller with doubling

plus CHORUS:

Area staging.

Orchestration available