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Music by Bill Gleeson, lyrics by Kris Kilburn, Book by Bill Gleeson and Kris Kilburn


The story tells of the trials and tribulations of a musical company just before opening night of their production. The backstage life and loves threaten the success of almost everything - but they have a lot of fun on the way.

Scenes and Settings

Act I

1. On Stage
2. Backstage
3. At Home
4. Backstage
5. On Stage

Act II

1. On Stage
2. Janine's Dressing Room
3. Backstage
4. On Stage
5. Scott's Dressing Room
6. On Stage
7. Backstage


5 male, 5 female

Principal Characters

Mike, 35, Director of "Opening Nights"
Sally, 33, Musical Director of "Opening Nights"
Janine, 30, Leading artiste in "Opening Nights"
Ken, 30, Leading Artist of "Opening Nights"
Elaine, 25, Ken's wife and a member of "Opening Nights"
Bobby, 30, Character performing in "Opening Nights"
Babs, 18, Juvenile lead in "Opening Nights"
Thelma, 60, ex-vaudeville and Tivoli star, great friend of Mike
Lep, 60, Irish Stage Manager, lifelong friend of Thelma

Principal Musical Numbers

One More Chance
Part Of A Team
The Best Years of Our Lives


(no of books = 12)

2 Violins I
2 Violins II
1 Cello
1 Bass
1 Oboe
1 Tenor Sax/flute/clarinet
1 Trumpet
1 Trombone
1 Percussion
1 Conductor Score (piano vocal score)