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The Pirate Pretender


Music and Lyrics by Richard Taylor. Book by April Cantelo


On the idyllic island of Gardenia, ruled over by the much-loved Duke and his family, all is not as peaceful as it could be. For many years now a fierce band of local pirates, led by Captain Jake, have been creating havoc and when Jake plans to kidnap the Duke's beautiful daughter, Petunia, and make her his bride the fun really begins. With a rollicking tuneful score by Richard Taylor (the composer of Whistle Down the Wind), and a witty, action-packed book by April Cantelo, this musical is ideal for junior and lower secondary schools.


6 female, 6 male, many small male and female roles, 2 narrators, chorus.


  • Narrator 1
  • Narrator 2
  • Royal Family:
  • Duke of Gardenia
  • Duchess of Gardenia
  • Petunia and Narcissus: their children
  • Guards:
  • Elm
  • Fir
  • Birch
  • Beech
  • Yew
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Willow
  • Major Hardwood
  • Other Guards
  • Islanders:
  • Lobelia: Petunia’s close friend.
  • Attendants to the Duke and Duchess
  • Bodyguards for Narcissus
  • Festival Officials, Stall Holders, Entertainers
  • Other Islanders
  • Pirates:
  • Captain Jake: pirate.
  • Carlo: Captain Jake’s cabin boy.
  • Clara and Bess: the Pirate Molls.
  • Dead-Eyed Dick
  • One-Arm Arthur
  • Speaking Pirates 1-5
  • Singing Pirates 1-3
  • Pirate Tailor
  • Other Pirates