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A musical comedy in 1 act, 8 Scenes. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz: Book by Roger O. Hirson

Directed & choreographed by Bob Fosse

Imperial Theatre, Broadway - 23 October, 1972. Moved to Minskoff Theatre 15 March, 1977. Closed 12 June, 1977. (1944 perfs)
Her Majesty's Theatre, London - 30 October, 1973 (85 perfs)


The man 'born to be King' or rather Emperor, has a problem - boredom. Pippin, eldest son of Charlemagne, tired of books, war, love and politics, in his quest for happiness finally finds fulfilment only in peaceful domesticity. This brilliant score is set in the dazzling court of the 8th Century Holy Roman Emperor.

Once upon a time, the young prince Pippin longed to discover the secret of true happiness and fulfilment. He sought it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power (after disposing of his father King Charlemagne the Great). In the end, he found it in the simple pleasures of home and family. Logo

Musical Numbers

  1. Magic To Do - Leading Player, Company
  2. Corner of the Sky - Pippin
  3. Welcome Home - Charles, Pippin
  4. War is a Science - Charles, Pippin, Company
  5. Gloy - Leading Player, Company
  6. Simple Joys - Leading Player
  7. No Time at All - Berthe, Company
  8. With You - Pippin
  9. Spread a Little Sunshine - Fastrada
  10. Morning Glow - Pippin, Leading Player, Company
  11. On the Right Track - Pippin, Leading Player
  12. There He Was - Catherine
  13. Kind Of oman - Catherine
  14. Extraordinary - Pippin
  15. Prayer For a Duck - Pippin
  16. Love Song - Pippin, Catherine
  17. I Guess I'll Miss the Man - Catherine
  18. Finale - Company


Principals: 5 Male, 3 Female.

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