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Penny Plain

A revue devised and directed by Laurie Lister. Music by Richard Addinsell. Lyrics by Nicholas Phipps and Joyce Grenfell.

St Martin's Theatre, London - 28 June, 1951 (443 perfs)

The Cast included;

Joyce Grenfell, Elisabeth Welch, Rose Hill, Max Adrian, Desmond Walter Ellis, Delia Williams, Moyra Fraser, Patrick Brawn, June Whitfield, Anthony Tancred, Julian Orchard, Marjorie Dunkels and Jimmy Thompson.

Musical Numbers included

  1. Keepsake
  2. Maud
  3. Prehistoric Complaint (Flanders and Swann)
  4. Life and Literature
  5. Thought for Today
  6. Joyful Noise (music by Donald Swann)
  7. A Moment With Tennyson
  8. Surly Girls (music by Donald Swann, lyrics by Michael Flanders)

Sketches included;

  1. Ancient and Modern (written by Simon Phipps)
  2. Feet Across the Sea (sketch by Paul Dehn, music by Richard Addinsell)

Musical Numbers staged by Bert Stimmel
Music arranged by John Pritchett
Décor by Osbert Lancaster and Ronald Searle