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Revue by Fred Thompson and Morris Harvey. Music: Nat D. Ayer. Lyrics: Clifford Grey and Hugh E. Wright.

Ambassador Theatre, London - 5 June 1916 (298 perfs)

The Cast included:

Nat D. Ayer, Helen Beltramo, Alice Delysia, Morris Harvey, Dorothy Mimo, Leon Morton, Moya Nugent.

The Programme included:

  1. Wonderful island
  2. Summer days
  3. Delysia (Waltz song)
  4. I'm a musical comedy bus'ness man
  5. The Jabberab-jee
  6. You've got to do it
  7. I'd like to know what Cleopatra did
  8. Never let your right hand know what your left hand's going to do
  9. Wonderful island
  10. Three little boys and three little girls
  11. There's a world full of love in your heart (Celeste by Nat D. Ayer)
  12. The right place for meeting is the Piccadilly tube

MD: Edward Jones