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Peg O' My Dreams

A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts. Book by J. Hartley Manners. Based on his play Peg o' My Heart: Music by Hugo Felix. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell.

Jolson's 59th Street Theatre, Broadway : Opened 5th May, 1924; transferred to the Imperial Theatre 19th May, 1924; closed 31st May, 1924 ( 32 perfs)


Scarborough in 1912.

The poor widow Mrs Chichester has taken in her niece from America, the beautiful but shabby eighteenyear-old Peg O'Connell. Mrs Chichester despises Peg's dear dead father and when Peg learns of this, and hears her girl cousin having an affair with a married man, she decides to take herself, and her little dog. back to the USA. But Jerry, a neighbour who is in love with Peg, persuades her to stay and against her aunt's wishes takes her dancing. When they return, her cousin is about to run off with the married bounder. who has also made advances to Peg.

Peg convinces her of the errors of her ways but not before she is unfairly scolded by her snobbish aunt. It later transpires that Peg is really an heiress and the scheming Mrs Chichester tries to marry her off to her son. Peg refuses and prepares again to return to the USA. but a sudden thunderstorm convinces her that her real place is in the comfort of the arms of Jerry, in fact the rich Sir Gerald Adair.

Scenes and Settings

Musical Numbers

  1. Hunt Ball Rehearsal - Ensemble
  2. A Dainty Nosegay - Ethel, Ensemble
  3. All Alone - Alexis, Una, Blanche, Chris, Banbury
  4. Rose in the Snow - Ethel, Arkady
  5. There's a Rainbow Waiting for You - Jerry
  6. Haven't We Met Before? - Alaric, Girls
  7. Dance - Una, Blanche, Chris, Banbury
  8. The Cap in the Hedge - Peg, Jarvis
  9. Love's Young Dream - Peg, Jerry
  10. Lily Bell Polka - Una, Blanche
  11. Finale Act 1 - Entire Company
  12. Her Bright Shawl - Ethel, Ensemble
  13. Waltz - Alexis, Una
  14. Door Mats - Alaric, Jerry
  15. Shy Little Irish Smile - Peg, Rita, Fay, Blossom, Muriel, Joan, Diana
  16. Moscow Belles - Arkady
  17. Dance - Blanche, Chris, Banbury
  18. Love Is Like a Firefly - Peg, Jerry
  19. Peg o' My Dreams - Jerry
  20. L'Heure Bleu, (Ballet) (The Passing of a Few Hours)
  21. The Evening Star: - Una. The Man: Alexis. The Night: Blanche. The Heavens: Rita, Fay, Blossom, Muriel, Diana, Joan.
  22. Right-o - Una, Blanche, Chris, Banbury, Rita, Fay, Blossom, Muriel, Diana, Joan