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The Passing Show

A Revue by Arthur Wimperis: Music by Herman Finck; Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis

Palace Theatre, London - 20 April, 1914 (351 perfs)

The Cast included:

Clara Beck, Gwendolin Brogden, Jack Christy, Winifred Delavanti, Basil Hallam, Elsie Janis. Nelson Keys, Arthur Playfair, Florence Sweetman.

The Programme included:

  1. You're Here and I'm Here
  2. Gilbert the Filbert
  3. Florrie Was a Flapper
  4. I'll Make a Man of You
  5. I've Got Everything I Want But You
  6. A la minuette
  7. A la gavotte
  8. Valse Joyeuse
  9. Opéra-bouffe
  10. The Showman's Song
  11. Matrimonial Bureau
  12. Dances from Venice
  13. Waltz Song

Musical Director: Herman Finck