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Musical in 2 acts: Music, lyrics and book by Kermit Goell, based on his novel Pocahontas.

Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 14 November, 1963 (12 perfs)


Captain Smith heads an expedition to the New World and is confronted by some half-naked Indians (and some half-baked dialogue). He then meets a chorus of Indian maidens (wearing bikinis), amongst them Pocohontas, the daughter of the Indian chief. Some Dorothy Lamour-Ray Milland dialogue ensues (covered by a programme note which states “the Author recognises the historical deviations necessitated in the creation of this musical”).

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue: The First Landing
  2. Gold
  3. She Fancied Me
  4. Free as a Bird
  5. You Have To Want To Touch HIm]
  6. Too Many Miles From London Town
  7. Eagle Dance
  8. London Bridge Is Falling Down
  9. I Love You Johnnie Smith
  10. Things
  11. Virginia
  12. Oranges and Lemons
  13. I Want to Live With You
  14. I Have Lost My Way
  15. Five Me a Sign
  16. Like My True Love Grows
  17. Yes, I Love YOu
  18. Fit for a Princess
  19. You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
  20. Masque of Christmas