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Music and Lyrics: David Heneker and Percy French. Book: Beverley Cross and Donal Giltinan.  Based on the musical, The Golden Years

Palace Theatre, London - 13 November 1969 - 28th February, 1970.(123 perfs)



Sean Bartley, Margaret Blay, Beryl Braham, Donald Britton, Maggie Dew, Gary Downie, Katherine Dyson, Clare Fern, Mercia Glossop, Patricia Hall, Stephen Holtom, Deirdre Laird, Carlo Mansi, Terry Mitchell, Valerie Nicholls, Ken Ridgway, Ken Robson, Gillian Shepherd, Petra Siniawski, Stephen Tate, Peter Walker

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture; If I had a chance - Phil McHugh, Percy French
  2. Abdul Abulbul Ameer - Percy French, Chorus
  3. Mama - Cathleen, Noreen
  4. A Favour for a Friend - Phil McHugh, Percy French
  5. They Don't Make Them Like That Any More - Mrs Fitzmaurice, Chorus
  6. Good Money - Phil McHugh, Dean, Percy French, Chorus
  7. How Would You Like Me? - Noreen
  8. Phil the Fluter - Phil McHugh, Mrs Fitzmaurice, Percy French, Chorus
  9. The Mountains of Mourne - Chorus
  10. I Shouldn't Have to Be the One to Tell You - Cathleen, Noreen
  11. Follow Me - Phil McHugh, Chorus
  12. Where Is She? - Percy French
  13. You Like It - Mrs Fitzmaurice, Percy French
  14. Are You Right There, Michael? - Phil McHugh, Percy French, Chorus
  15. That's Why the Poor Man's Dead - Phil McHugh, Chorus
  16. Wonderful Woman - Company