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Our Day Out

Cover to Libretto

Book by Willy Russell. Songs and Music by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor and Willy Russell

Musical stage version of the original television film first staged at the Liverpool Everyman in 1983

Directed by Bob Eaton & Kate Roland with Musical Direction by Chris Mellor.


This play by award winning Willy Russell was first seen on BBC2 in 1977 and has now been specially edited for practical use by schools, colleges and groups. Sad, humorous and true to life it tells the story of some underprivileged schoolchildren who are taken on a day's outing by their teachers. The children boisterously rampage through a roadside café, a zoo, Conway Castle and a beach. A joyous celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up, but also a sharp pointer to the depressing present and future, for a day out is as much as these children can expect.


When Mrs Kay's 'Progress Class' are unleashed for a day's coach trip to Conway Castle in Wales, it is an exuberant celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school. But this is more than a romp - it points up the depressing present and empty future for these comphrehensive no-hopers from the backstreets of Liverpool, for whom a day out is as much as they can expect.


Male 6 Female 3 (may be played by M3 F2); 16-20 children.




Other Adults

Musical numbers

Act 1

  1. We're Goin' Out - Carol and kids
  2. Mrs Kay's Progress Class - Kids
  3. Got A Packed Lunch - Kids
  4. Boss Of The Bus - Ronny and Kids
  5. Instructions On Enjoyment - Mr Briggs
  6. We're Off - Kids
  7. Look At The Dogs/Our day out (The travelling song) - Company
  8. The Mersey Tunnal - Kids
  9. It's Borin', Bleeding Borin' - Bored Girls
  10. Straight Line - Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay
  11. Penny Chews - Kids
  12. I'm In Love With Sir - Linda, Jackie and Kids
  13. Zoo Song - Bored girls and Kids
  14. Our Day Out - Kids

Act 2

  1. Castle Song - Mr Briggs, Kids, Linda Jackie and Colin
  2. Beach Song (short) - Bored girls and Kids
  3. I Know You Like Her - Susan
  4. Why Can't It Always Be This Way (Carol's Song) - Carol
  5. Fairground Song - Kids
  6. Everywhere We Go - Kids
  7. Ay Ay Yippee Yippee Ay - Kids
  8. We Had A Really Great Day Out - Company
  9. Finale: No One Can Take This Time Away - Company


Various simple and exterior settings