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One Mo' Time

An evening of 1920s Black Vaudeville:

Conceived and directed by Vernel Bagneris. Music - various.

Village Gate Theatre, New York - 1980
Cambridge Theatre, London - 14 July, 1981


This long running Off Broadway show revived, to acclaim in the 2002 Broadway season, had audiences rockin’ the rafters and dancin’ in the aisles, thrilling to this artful recreation of old time, 1920s Black vaudeville. This show’s powerful mix of music, including the Charleston, the black bottom, and the cakewalk, had one reviewer proclaiming “the mercury leaves the thermometer.

One Mo’ Time is a hot, wild, ribald and rousing delight."-- Time Magazine.

One Mo' Time was conceived as an entertainment in celebration of the Chicago Lyric Theater, which was destroyed by a fire in 1927. It was one of the last stopovers of the Theatre Owners' Booking Agency, then called the T.O.B.A. circuit.

Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey played there, and so did Sweet Mama Stringbean, who became known as Ethel Waters.

Tickets then cost 25 cents, members of the audience wandered up and down the aisles whenever they wanted, performers were exploited (overworked and underpaid) and contracts were constantly violated by unscrupulous theater owners.

This off-Broadway production emphasises talent in the rough, with a touch of the tacky. Sometimes it borders on amateurishness for the sake of authenticity.omt-pr

Musical Numbers:

  1. Down in Honky Tonk Town
  2. Kiss Me Sweet
  3. Miss Jenny's Ball
  4. Cake Walkin' Babies From Home
  5. I've GOt What It Takes
  6. C.C. Rider
  7. The Graveyard
  8. He's Funny That Way
  9. Kitchen Man
  10. Wait Till You See My Baby Do the Charleston
  11. Love
  12. Louise
  13. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
  14. Everybody Loves My Baby
  15. You've Got the Right Key But the Wrong Keyhole
  16. After You've Gone
  17. My Man Blues
  18. Papa De Da Da
  19. Muddy Waters
  20. There's Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight