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O, Christmas Three

By Father Gander (a k a Douglas W Larche).

Colourful characters like Dorcas the Christmas Duck, Tanya and Toulouse Turkey, Parker and Penelope Penguin, Vincent the Violet-Nosed Vulture, the Ice Elves, the Short Squat Trolls and, of course, Sandy and Santa Claus, populate the delightful Christmas fairyland of O Christmas Three! Inspired by the national best-selling children's book Father Gander Nursery Rhymes: The Equal Rhymes Amendment, these three short comedies bring joy to the world for the holidays.

A goofy, good-natured vulture unwittingly volunteers to be roasted for Christmas dinner in the interactive Dorcas the Christmas Duck: A Cautionary Tale.

A lonely Tall Ice Elf is ridiculed by the selfish Short Squat Trolls when the Claus family considers relocating to the South Pole in The Last Straw: A Christmas Fable. The bizarre Turkey family performs a hilarious Christmas pageant for the uppercrust Penguins in Peas on Earth: A Bird's-Eye View of Christmas. Innovative Christmas costumes, funny lyrics to familiar Christmas carols, gentle lessons and a sweet but confused retelling of the Christmas story make O Christmas Three! a sure hit with actors and audience alike. Give the gift of laughter for Christmas.

Cast: 6m., 8w. (mixed chorus.) 

Simple sets.