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Oh My Papa

Musical adaptation of Feuerwerk. Musical comedy in 3 acts based on a comedy by Emil Sautter
Book by Erik Charell and Jürg Amstein and Robert Gilbert Lyrics by Jürg Amstein and Robert Gilbert - Music by Paul Burkhard

Garrick Theatre 17 July 1957 - (45 perfs)

Synopsis (original)

The setting: At the Villa of the manufacturer Oberholzer, 1900, on a summer evening.

Daughter Anna, her mother and the cook, Karline Katie are preparing for the celebration of the 60th Birthday of director and head of the family Oberholzer. Anna becomes frustrated with her family at the thoughtless attitude towards the young gardener Robert when they are arranging the table decorations.

Quickly Anna and Katie decide to rehearse a specially composed duet. It is, however, interrupted repeatedly by the arrival for the celebration of the relations. First semi-educated Aunt Berta, the always misunderstand, Uncle Fritz, then the fussy Aunt Paula, Uncle Gustav and the newly rich, Aunt Lisa with Uncle Henry.

After the messages of congratulation and the feasting. The duet is sung but is brought to a halt, when to everyone's horror, the black sheep of the family, Oberholzer's uninvited brother, the circus director Alexander Obolski, bursts in with his wife, Iduna. The two bring a touch of colour to the proceedings: Obolski tells of his adventures, Iduna raves about her youthful experiences and of her father, a famous clown. The relations, as one unite in their indignation, but Anna is caught by the mood and magic of the circus. She sees herself as an artist, a c ircus performer. She does not listen to her mother and tells Robert of the happy life she wants to lead.

In a dream sequence, the aunts are transformed into lions and tigers, which are then trained by Obolski. A circus tent is formed, Gustav, Fritz and Heinrich dressed as clowns perform their routine with tricks and jokes. Anna is on a rocking horse in the dome, Iduna riding on her pony. . When the magic disappears, Robert recognizes that Anna is lost to him. He sees Obolski as his rival and challenges him to a duel. Anna, however, is determined to join the circus, come what may.

The party continues. All men want to dance with Iduna and share their joy with her. The wives are appalled. Iduna learn of Robert's love for Anna. Iduna tells Anna her about the mysteries of the travelling people, of her husband, and she confesses that she also "had lost a little something between a travelling life and one of plush sofas and soup tureens. She gently starts to withdraw from the celebrations. Obolski and Iduna say their goodbyes but Anna is reluctant to follow them. She has finally decided to remain at home with Robert.

Musical Numbers

  1. Opening Duet
  2. The Cook's Song
  3. Birthday Duet
  4. The Coughing Song
  5. Father's Entrance
  6. Rome Wasn't Built in Just a Day
  7. The Pony Song (My Pony Johnny)
  8. The Limit Is the Sky
  9. Oh! My Papa!
  10. Tiri-Lee Tiri-La
  11. Our Love Will Stay This Way
  12. Circus Song
  13. Lion Tamer's Song
  14. Hocus Pocus
  15. Quartet
  16. He Is My Man
  17. Farewell Scene


  • Iduna
  • Alexander Oberholzer
  • Anna Oberholzer
  • Robert
  • Albert Oberholzer
  • Uncle Gustav
  • Kathi
  • Uncle Wilhelm
  • Aunt Berta
  • Karoline Oberholzer
  • Aunt Paula
  • Uncle Fritz
  • Aunt Alwine
  • Madame Sperling
  • Station Master
  • Circus Employee
  • His colleague
  • Jasmine
  • Piepereit