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Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids

101 Dalmations

Music by: Brian Smith, Dan Root, Martin Lee Fuller, Mel Leven, Randy Rogel and Richard Gibbs: Music adapted by: Bryan Louiselle; Music arranged by: Bryan Louiselle: Book adapted by: Marcy Heisler
Lyrics by: Brian Smith, Dan Root, Martin Lee Fuller, Mel Leven, Randy Rogel and Richard Gibbs; Additional lyrics by: Marcy Heisler


In a loving home in the city of London, Dalmatian parents, Pongo and Perdita happily raise their Dalmatian puppies, until the monstrous Cruella De Vil plots to steal them for her new fur coat! Join all the dogs of London, as they daringly rescue the puppies from Cruella and her bumbling henchmen. With a delightfully funscore, lovable characters, and one of the most deliciously evil villains in the Disney canon, this stage adaptation is certain to charm and delight all audiences. And with a highly expandable chorus, the stage could easily be filled with 101 performers to fit the bill!


In a loving home on the edge of Regent's Park in the city of London, Dalmatian parents, Pongo and Perdita, happily raise their fifteen Dalmatian puppies.

Nanny cares for the lot of them, including their human pets: Roger, a composer, and Anita, an artist. As part of the family’s routine, they all watch and sing along joyfully with their favourite television program. After Thunderbolt, the puppies watch and sing along with a commercial for their favourite snack – delicious Kanine Krunchies.

One day, their fabulously rich neighbor, the abominable Cruella De Vil, stops by to pay Roger and Anita a visit. Ever out for herself, Cruella notices the puppies as a potential source for her new black-spotted fur coat! Roger tells her the puppies are not for sale, even after Cruella offers him three zillion pounds in exchange. Angrily, Cruella storms off, and Roger writes an impromptu song about Ms. De Vil’s ridiculous meanness, which the whole family joins in singing.

Not deterred at all, Cruella plots with her bumbling henchmen, Horace and Jasper, to steal the puppies.

With Nanny and Anita out of the house and Roger asleep at the piano, Horace and Jasper sneak into the house, and use delicious Kanine Krunchies to lure the puppies out of the house and into their getaway truck . The truck speeds away, with Horace and Jasper driving the puppies to Cruella’s fur vault.

Realising their beloved puppies have been stolen, Pongo and Perdita telegraph a distress call to all the dogs of London using the Twilight Bark, for if anyone can rescue the puppies on time, the dogs of London can.

Despite the fact that she's now wanted by the police, Cruella is determined to get her glorious new fur coat. She imagines how sensational she will be, once she finally has the coat of her dreams. Meanwhile, the London dogs, led by the resourceful cat, Sergeant Tibbs, slowly sneak the puppies out of the vault.

The puppies, including the dozens of other Dalmatians Cruella had locked up, have been rescued from the vault. Realising the puppies are gone, Cruella screams, ordering her henchmen to chase after them. To everyone’s surpise, the dogs turn the tables on our villains, trampling them and holding them for capture. Just then, Roger and Anita arrive with the police, ready to take Cruella and her toady accomplices to jail.

Free from Cruella’s evil plans, Roger, Anita, and Nanny decide to adopt the other Dalmatians Cruella had stolen – bringing the total number of Dalmatians in their home to 101! They will buy a big place in the country to accommodate all the dogs, and live together, happily ever after.

As the curtain falls, the Dalmatians celebrate their new life together.

Musical Numbers

  1. Dalmatian Conga.
  2. Thunderbolt Adventure Hour
  3. Kanine Krunchies
  4. Cruella De Vil
  5. Cruella's Scheme
  6. Kanine Krunchies Reprise
  7. The Fur Vault
  8. Twilight Bark
  9. My Beautiful Coat
  10. The Chase
  11. Dalmatian Plantation
  12. Finale
  13. Bow Wows