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Leave Him To Heaven

Cover to Original Cast Recording

Compilation musical by Ken Lee

New London Theatre, 2nd June, 1976 (Season)


A very thin tale of a young man being snatched from obscurity, being given the name Conway Terle, and turned into a rock singer.

Success goes to his head and he loses the only girl who really loves him and he is exploited by hangers-on. Finally he comes to his senses, gives up the pop world and marries his true love.

However, the story is an excuse to incorporate the best of the 1950s pop numbers (plus some very funny send-ups of the worst of the music of that era) consisting of forty-four “blasts from the past, tracks from way back, rockers from the locker, platters that matter” making the whole thing was a very jolly evening’s entertainment.

There was much praise for Brian Protheroe’s performance.

Musical Numbers

  1. Good Evening Friends (Stillman/Allen)
  2. Wonderful World (Adler/Cook/Alpert)
  3. The Great Pretender (Ram)
  4. Chantilly Lace (Richardson)
  5. Teen Angel (Surrey/Surrey)
  6. Teenager In Love (Pomus & Shuman/Kaempfert)
  7. Wooden Heart (Twomey/Wise/Wiseman)
  8. Never Go Home Anymore (Morton)
  9. Walk Hand In Hand (Cowell)
  10. My Prayer (Kennedy/Boulanger)
  11. Ten Commandments of Love (Paul)
  12. Garden of Eden (Norwood)
  13. Give Her a Great Big Kiss (Morton)
  14. Tell Laura I Love Her (Barry/Raleigh)
  15. Alma Mater
  16. Tutti-Frutti (Penniman/Lubin/Labostri)
  17. Rock Around the Clock (Freedman/De Knight)
  18. Rockin; Robin (Thomas)
  19. Ready Teddy (Marascalco/Blackwell)
  20. She's Got It (Marascalco/Penniman)
  21. The Girl Can't Help It (Troup)
  22. Lovers Never Say Goodbye (Johnson/Wilson)
  23. Rock and Roll Is Our Business
  24. Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay (White)




London Cast Recording - Songs From ...... - Chrysalis - CHR 1118