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Book by Jim Brochu Music & Lyrics by Steve Schalchlin; Additional lyrics by John Bettis and Marie Cain

Currican Theatre, Off-Broadway - 8th May - 31st August, 1997 (111 perfs)
47th Street Theatre, 3 October, 1997

Tristan Bates Theatre London - 25 September - 27th October, 2012 (Season)


The Last Session reunites a group of singers, friends and band mates to record one final album, except for the unexpected arrival of a guest singer who spoils what was supposed to be a nice, quiet goodbye party. The Last Session's gospel inflected score appeals to people who don't like musicals. Audiences actually sometimes thought that they were attending a real recording, sometimes afraid to applaud.

Set in a recording studio in 1996, singer/songwriter, Gideon is holding one last session to record the most important album of his life. To show his undying love to his partner, he plans to record a musical letter of farewell. For this last session, he reunites with some old friends and is joined by an unexpected visitor, for whom Gideon’s sexuality changes everything. The Last Session is a rollercoaster of passion, emotions, hope and humour. It's a story of a man’s past and his hunt for a future - a reason to live

The Last Session is partly based on composer Steve Schalchlin’s own experiences and was written in an era in when AIDS was a terrifying and growing epidemic for which the treatment was largely experimental. This landmark musical originated Off-Broadway and features a surging score of blues, rock and gospel with lyrics that only a person who has been close to the edge could write.

The show won a host of awards following its 1997 Off-Broadway premiere including Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book in the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and is a GLAAD Media Award winner. The Last Session also received nominations by both the New York Drama League and the New York Outer Critics Circle for Best Musical.


The Last Session was one of the first shows to use the Internet and first to stream live.

Musical Numbersls-cd-cover

  1. Save Me a Seat
  2. Preacher and the Nurse
  3. Somebody's Friend
  4. The Group
  5. Going It Alone
  6. At Least I Know What's Killing Me
  7. Friendly Fire
  8. Connected
  9. One More Song
  10. When You Care