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Jailhouse Rock


Music and lyrics by Rob Bettinson and Alan Janes.

Directed by Rob Bettinson;
by Adrian Rees;
by Alistair Grant;
by Simon Baker;
by Drew Anthony;
Musical Director
- Julian Littman;
by Terry King;
Assistant Director
- Matt Salisbury

Piccadilly Theatre, London - 19 April, 2004 - 1 January, 2005


Based on the classic 1957 film starring Elvis Presley, Jailhouse Rock - The Musical has been adapted for the stage by Rob Bettinson and Alan Janes, the writer/director team behind the hugely successful global hit Buddy

Featuring a rich catalogue of 1950s rock 'n' roll classics, but not the title track or the Lieber & Stoller songs, the show tells the story of Vince Everett, a young man from the wrong side of the tracks who discovers his own unique musical talent whilst doing time in jail and emerges to become the world's greatest rock 'n' roll star.

With more than a little help from Peggy Van Aulden, a rising young record producer, Vince's road to stardom is filled with passion and conflict as Vince feels the pressure that money and fame can bring. Prison inmates, shifty record producers, Hollywood starlets, crafty lawyers and a variety of other characters fill the stage as we follow Vince's story from penniless convict to rich and famous rock 'n' roll star.

The cast plays and perform all the songs live on-stage in a vibrant and energetic production which appeals to everyone, with plenty of classic hits to satisfy the die-hard Elvis fans!

Original Cast :

Marion Kombou - Vince Everett
Roger Alborough - Hawk Houghton
Lisa Peace - Peggy van Auldan
Gilz Terere - Quickly Robinson
Dominic Colchester - Judd Hardy / Jack Lees
Melanie Marcus - Mary Lou / Lori Jackson / Sheri Wilson
Mark Roper - Mr Johnson / Governor / Landlord / Film Director
Annie Wensak - Mrs Johnson / Mrs Everett
Gareth Williams - Mr Shaws


John Bannister, Anna Carmichael, Alison Carter, Caroline Dennis, Roxy Harris, Sean Stewart Johnson, Kevin Oliver Jones, Tim Parker, Simon Parrish, Michael Quinn, Benedict Relton, Jo Servi, Steve Simpson and Otto Williams


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