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Judy's Scary Little Christmas


Book by David Church and Jim Webber; Music and Lyrics by Joe Patrick Ward

Victory Theatre, Los Angeles - November 2002


Judy Garland is primed for her biggest comeback ever - the dazzling star of her own TV special, broadcast live on Christmas Eve, 1959. Judy's
guests include Bing Crosby (making some holiday"grog"), Ethel Merman (plugging her Hawaiian album), and Liberace (with a handsome sailor in tow).

However, mysterious snafus behind the scenes and cameo appearances by commie-baiting Vice President Richard Nixon (who performs a magic act) and blacklisted writer, Lillian Hellman, (who's forced to read "Children's Letter to Santa" with a puppet) throw Judy's program off  course.

The surprises climax when the arrival of Joan Crawford is interrupted by the spectral figure of...Death. The evening takes a detour into the twilight zone as the celebrities are forced to confront the lies behind their legends.

Devastated and alone, Judy meets a special fan who ultimately proves that, despite her flaws, her shining legacy still endures."

Musical Numbers

  1. TV Studio - Director
  2. Back in Christmas Town - Judy Garland & Judy's Scary Little Christmas Ensemble
  3. Welcome - Judy Garland
  4. Let's Share a Cup of Irish Cheer - Judy Garland & Bing Crosby
  5. The Candy Cane Twist - Liberace
  6. Mauna Loa Hula Holiday - Ethel Merman & Judy's Scary Little Christmas Ensemble
  7. Nixon's Christmas Memory - Richard Nixon
  8. The Life of the Party - Judy's Scary Little Christmas Company
  9. Angel Star - Judy Garland and "Punch" (puppet)
  10. Reunion - Judy Garland & Bing Crosby
  11. Ever Been in Love? - Richard Nixon & Lillian Hellman
  12. Joan's Bible Story - Joan Crawford
  13. Alone - Judy Garland & Dustin Strong
  14. Make It Shine - Judy Garland & Judy's Scary Little Christmas Company
  15. Curtain Calls