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Jason and the Argonauts

Music by Charles Miller | Book and Lyrics by Tim Sanders | Original Concept by Paul Carpenter


Jason seeks the Golden Fleece and Hera, the Queen of Heaven, needs a man.

Standing in their way is a trio of bickering New York goddesses, the bong-toting King of Colchis and Medea, a teenage sorceress who never asked for the gig. But when Aphrodite decides to cast a spell of her own, love is in serious danger of Conquering all!

Sail with the Argonauts, twerk on the beach and dive into a pool party on Paradise Heights - there’s even a Greek Chorus to sing off the chandeliers! Here's one big fat Greek legend that’s guaranteed to explode a few myths... 

"You can dress it up all ya like honey, but at the end o' the day, it's a yellow sweater!"

Musical Numbers

  1. Golden Boy From Greece - Hera, Jason, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Heavenly Boys
  2. Oedipus Thing - Greek Chorus
  3. Seize The Day - Chiron, Jason and Hera
  4. The Night That You Were Born - Jason, Chiron, Greek Chorus, Aeson, Polymele, Thugs/Servants and Goddesses
  5. Stranger That I Love - Jason, Polymele and Greek Chorus
  6. Hope On The Horizon - Hera, Jason, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Chiron
  7. Meanwhile (Part 1) - Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
  8. The World Is My Oyster - Hera and Greek Chorus
  9. Paradise Heights - Goddesses, Leon, Jason, Polymele, Servants, Guests, Zena and Johnny
  10. You Filled My Heart - Polymele and Jason
  11. Meanwhile (Part 2) - Hera, Jason, Argo, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
  12. Jason And The Argonauts - Jason, Argonauts, Greek Chorus, Goddesses, Citizens, Medea and Apsyrtus
  13. No One Can Stop Me Now - Jason, Hera, Zeus, Argonauts, Polymele and Pelias
  14. The Storm - Jason, Argonauts, Greek Chorus, Zeus, Hera and Goddesses
  15. Here And Now - Medea and Apsyrtus
  16. Colchis - Jason, Argonauts, Apsyrtus, Papa Aetes, Medea, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Guards
  17. Now I Know What Love Is - Jason, Medea and Argonauts
  18. The Winning Of The Fleece - High Priestess, Priestesses, Jason, Medea, Argonauts, Papa Aetes, Apsyrtus, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Guards
  19. Unbreakable Hearts - Argonauts and Hera
  20. Get Ya Hands Off O' Him! - Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
  21. My Special Day - Medea, Maids, Hera, Apsyrtus, Jason, Goddesses, Papa Aetes, Guests and Argonauts
  22. Champion Of The Fleece - Argonauts and Greek Chorus
  23. Now I Know What Love Is Reprise - Jason, Medea, Zeus and Hera
  24. Polymele's Dream - Polymele, Hera, Goddesses and Greek Chorus
  25. Hope On The Horizon Reprise - Jason, Medea, Argonauts, Pelias, Greek Chorus, Goddesses and Chiron
  26. The Temple - Priests/Priestesses, Jason, Chiron, Hera, Goddesses, Pelias, Medea, Polymele, Greek Chorus, Argonauts and Citizens
  27. Curtain Call - Full Company


In Thessaly:

In Heaven:

On The Argo:

On Colchis:

ALSO: Boys, Girls, Servants, Thugs, Guards, Citizens, Maids, Priests and Priestesses.

Scenes and Settings

Jason & The Argonauts is set in Ancient Greece in a variety of locations including a mountainside, the Paradise Hotel, Heaven, The Argo ship, a beach, a fortress and a temple.