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I'd Rather Be Right

Cover to sheet music of song from show

A Musical Revue in 2 Acts. Book by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Book staged by George S. Kaufman.

Alvin Theatre, New York - Opened 2nd November, 1937; transferred to the Music Box Theatre 23rd May, 1938: closed 9th July, 1938 (290 perfs).

Although billed as a Musical Revue, this show is most often referred to as a musical comedy.

Alvin Theatre, New York - 2 November, 1937 (289 perfs)


A satire on the American political scene. The plot concerns Peggy and Paul - who can't get married until Paul gets a raise - and he won't get that raise until the national budget is balanced! Paul dreams that he and Peggy meet President Roosevelt in Central Park sitting on a bench. He promises to help them out, but all his efforts to balance the budget are in vain and he advises the couple to have faith in themselves and get married anyway. When Paul wakes up he decides to do just that! Songs include ;Have You Met Miss Jones?';' Labor Is The Thing' and 'Off The Record.'


8 men, 5 women, chorus

(in order of appearance):

  1. Peggy Jones
  2. Phil Barker
  3. The President of the United States
  4. His Secretary
  5. The Postmaster General
  6. The Secretary of the Treasury
  7. The Secretary of State
  8. The Secretary of Labour
  9. The Secretary of the Navy
  • The Secretary of Commerce
  • The Secretary of Agriculture
  • The Secretary of War
  • The Secretary of the Interior
  • The Attorney-General
  • The Chief Justice
  • James B. Maxwell
  • Federal Theatre Director
  • Social Service Messenger
  • The President's Mothe
  • A Butler
  • The Judge's Girl
  • Sistie
  • Buzzie
  • Tony
  • Joe

Acrobats, Band, Singer and Dancers

Musical Numbers:


  1. A Homogeneous Cabinet - (Cabinet Members)
  2. Have You Met Miss Jones? - Peggy Jones, Phil Barker
  3. Take and Take and Take - Judge's Girl, Dancer, Ensemble
  4. Spring in Vienna (Title changed to Springtime in Milwaukee) - Tony + dancers & Ensemble
  5. A Little Bit of Constitutional Fun - Judge's Girl, Ensemble
  6. Sweet Sixty-Five - Peggy Jones, Phil Barker + Dancers
  7. We're Going to Balance the Budget - US President, Company


  1. American Couple (Ballet) (Replaced with What's It All About)
    The Girl: The Mother: The Boy: The Father: The Minstrel: A Flower Girl: A Photographer: Best Man: The Nurse: The Teacher: The Son: Ringmaster: Clown: Bareback Rider: A Seal: Another Mother: Another Father: The Son, grown up: His Girl:
  2. Labour Is the Thing - James B. Maxwell, Ensemble
  3. I'd Rather Be Right - Peggy Jones, Phil Barker, Judge's Girl, US President, Ensemble
  4. Off the Record - US President
  5. A Baby Bond - Secretary of the Treasury


Reed I (flute, piccolo, tenor sax), Reed II (oboe, cor anglais), Reed III (clarinet, alto sax), Reed IV (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax), Reed V (clarinet, bassoon, tenor sax), horn, 3 trumpets, trombone, drums, harp, piano, strings