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I Can Get It For You Wholesale

Cover to Original Broadway Cast Recording

A Musical Play in Two Acts, a Prologue and 17 Scenes. Book by Jerome Weidman based on his novel of the same name. Music and lyrics by Harold Rome.

Sam S. Shubert Theatre, New York - 22 March 1962 (300 perfs)


I Can Get It for You Wholesale takes a hard-boiled look at the cut-throat world of New York's garment district projecting itself as a contemporary piece with a dateless story.

Harry Bogen is cold, pushy, and determined — determined to rise to the top by whatever means are required. He starts as a small-time strike breaker, moves into the garment business with a few partners, and then shoves them out of his way. He ignores the pleas of his good-hearted mother and his adoring girlfriend and neighbour, Ruthie Rivkin, to act ethically. He would even ditch Ruthie for a cheap, flamboyant nightclub performer, Martha Mills. When, after all his machinations, he ends up a bankrupt, only his mother and Ruthie are there to console him. The ending does not necessarily imply that simplicity and goodness are the best rewards but only that Harry is neither ruthless nor cunning enough to attain his goals.


(in order of appearance):

  • Miss Marmelstein
  • Maurice Pulvermacher
  • Meyer Bushkin
  • Harry Bogen
  • Tootsie Maltz
  • Ruthie Rivkin
  • Mrs. Bogen
  • Martha Mills
  • Mario
  • Mitzi
  • Eddie
  • Blanche Bushkin
  • Teddy Asch
  • Buggo
  • Miss Springer
  • Velma
  • Lenny
  • Norman
  • Manette
  • Gail
  • Rosaline
  • Noodle
  • Sam
  • Moxie
  • Sheldon Bushkin
  • Edith

Musical Numbers

  1. (He's Not a) Well Man - Miss Marmelstein,Maurice
  2. The Way Things Are - Harry
  3. When Gemini Meets Capricorn - Ruthie, Harry
  4. Momma, Momma - Harry, Mrs. Bogen
  5. The Sound of Money -Harry, Martha, Mitzi, Mario, Eddie
  6. (The) Family Way - Mrs. Bogen, Harry, Ruthie, Teddy, Blanche, Meyer
  7. Too Soon - Mrs. Bogen
  8. Who Knows? - Ruthie
  9. Have I Told You Lately? - Blanche, Meyer
  10. Ballad of the Garment Trade - Miss Marmelstein, Ruthie, Blanche, Harry, Teddy, Meyer, Company
  11. A Gift Today - Sheldon, Harry, Mrs. Bogen, Blanche, Meyer, Ruthie
  12. Dance - Blanche, Meyer, Sheldon
  13. Miss Marmelstein - Miss Marmelstein
  14. The Sound of Money (reprise) -Harry
  15. A Funny Thing Happened (On My Way to Love) - Ruthie, Harry
  16. What's In It for Me? - Teddy, Martha
  17. What Are They Doing to Us Now? - Miss Marmelstein, Buggo, Tootsie, Manette, Gail, Miss Springer, Creditors
  18. Eat a Little Something - Mrs. Bogen, Harry
  19. Epilogue - The Company

Scenes and Settings

Prologue: Seventh Avenue, New York City, 1937.

Act 1

Scene 1: Office of Maurice Pulvermacher, Inc.
Scene 2: Seventh Avenue.
Scene 3: A Bronx Stoop.
Scene 4: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen in the Bronx.
Scene 5: Club Rio Rhumba.
Scene 6: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen.
Scene 7: A Bronx Stoop.
Scene 8: Apex15 Modes, Inc.
Scene 9: Apex Modes Showroom.

Act 2

Scene 1: Harry Bogen's Penthouse.
Scene 2: Apex Modes Inc.
Scene 3: Apex Modes Inc.
Scene 4: The Club Rio Rhumba.
Scene 5: Apex Modes Showroom.
Scene 6: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen.
Scene 7: Office of Maurice Pulvennacher, Inc.
Scene 8: Seventh Avenue.