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I Do! I Do!

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(Music by Harvey Schmidt: Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones: Based on 'The Four-Poster' by Jan de Hartog)

46th Street Theatre, Broadway - 5 December, 1966 (520 perfs)
Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 16 May, 1968


The story of two people who have taken that most important step - marriage. in a warm sentimental fashion we follow the ups and downs of Agnes and Michael with love shining through all the smiles and tears. The perfect musical opportunity for a virtuoso performance from two characters.

The Story:

Agnes and Michael are getting married. Their vows behind them, they enter their fin-de-siècle bedroom dominated by a large, carved oak, four-poster bed. Time passes swiftly following the tender embarrassments of the wedding night. Agnes is pregnant, Michael has pains and demands attention. It's a boy and all of sudden life is so new. Soon there is a girl, too.

Several years later Michael has become a successful author and a dinner party is thrown in his honour. He attempts to impose his superior attitude on their marriage but Agnes is prepared to reveal his faults in return. Following the dinner, Michael admits to a little extramarital "research". Agnes is more angry than sad. She dons her "go-to-hell" hat and when he is safely out of earshot, reaffirms her faith in herself. He returns to prevent her from leaving. All is forgiven. Maturity has set in and soon the children are to be married. For the first time in 20 years they are alone together.

Agnes becomes depressed and Michael, too, is feeling somewhat empty. Once again they discover how much they really need each other. It's time they were growing old, and they do!

They prepare to leave their large, empty house and trusty old bed. A bright, newlywed couple is to move in. Against the wishes of Michael, Agnes leaves a tattered pillow upon which is embroidered "God Is Love". Under it Michael leaves a bottle of champagne.


1 Male, 1 Female.

Musical Numbers:

  1. All the Dearly Beloved
  2. Together Forever
  3. I Do! I Do!
  4. Good Night
  5. Something Has Happened
  6. My Cup Runneth Over
  7. Love Isn't Everything
  8. Nobody's Perfect
  9. A Well Known Fact
  10. Flaming Agnes
  11. The Honeymoon Is Over
  12. Where Are the Snows?
  13. When the Kids Get Married
  14. The Father of the Bride
  15. What Is a Woman?
  16. Someone Needs Me
  17. Roll Up the Ribbons
  18. I Love My Wife
  19. This House


Reed I (piccolo/flute/clarinet) Reed II (flute/clarinet/bass clarinet), Reed III (oboe/cor anglais/clarinet), Reed IV (clarinet/bassoon), 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 percussion, harp, 2 pianos db celeste, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass