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Music by Don McAfee; Book by Mark Conradt and Gregory Dawson; Lyrics by Nancy Leeds

Theatre Four, Off-Broadway - November 10, 1965 (38 perfs)


The show concentrates on Robert Burns' talent as a lover, which was obviously an important part of his remarkable character. He is shown first as a careless youth whose success with the girls made him the envy, and consternation of his native village. Then they whisk him into his serious romance with Jean Armour, who sacrificially sent him off to fame in Edinburgh when her puritanical father grew too nasty.

Next we encounter him in the Edinburgh social whirl, where he is the delight of the women and the scourge of his publisher, who objects to his companionship with a drunken Irish poet and fears his tendency to espouse his dangerous liberal theories. After outraging the stuffy tories and learning that the faithful Jean has presented him with twins, he denounces the social set, dons the outlawed kilt and returns to marry the noble mother of his children.

The rest is history but all is eloquently foreshadowed in the youthful adventures of this dashing free spirit who celebrated life as he believed it should be, and made the whole world listen to his joyous words.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Brandy In Your Champagne
  2. Great Scot!
  3. Happy New Year
  4. He Knows Where To Find Me
  5. I Left A Dream Somewhere
  6. I'll Find a Dream Somewhere
  7. I'll Still Love Jean
  8. I'm Gonna Have a Baby
  9. Original Sin
  10. Princes' Street
  11. The Big-Bellied Bottle
  12. That Special Day
  13. We're Gonna Have a Wedding
  14. What A Shame
  15. Where Does a Man Begin?
  16. Where Is That Rainbow?
  17. You're the Only One

Cast: 8 men, 8 women


piano/vocal score