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Gone Missing

A play by STEVEN COSSON; Music and lyrics by MICHAEL FRIEDMAN; Additional Text by PETER MORRIS

Gate Theatre, London - 5 May - 22 May, 2004
Barrow Street Theatre, Off-Broadway. Opened 24th June, 2007. Closed 6th January, 2008 (194 performances)

Gate Theatre production Performed by "The Civilians"

Damian Baldet, Maria Dizzia, Christina Kirk, Trey lyford, Mark Saturno, Alison Weller

Director Steven Cosson
Décor Takeshi Kata
Costumes Sarah Beers
Lighting Thomas Dunn, Anna Watson
Sound Ken Travis
Choreography Jim Augustine


This is a show "about things lost and found" and was created from interviews with New Yorkers about their experiences of losing things. Alongside the accounts of lost rings, pets and clothes, we also hear of people who have lost their love, their mind, their love.

The show was devised by the Civilians from interviews with real life New Yorkers. The show is a wry and whimsical documentary musical about things that go missing - leys, personal identity documents, a Gucci pump … or one's mind. The show creates a unique tapestry of the ways in which we deal with, and relate to, loss in our lives.

Musical Numbers

  1. Things I Have Lost
  2. Gone Missing
  3. The Only Thing Missing
  4. La Bodega
  5. The Bodega
  6. Hide and Seek
  7. I Gave It Away
  8. Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich
  9. Lost Horizon
  10. Etch A Sketch
  11. Stars