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The Globe Revue

Cover to published Libretto

Revue with songs by Noël Coward, Richard Addinsall and Donald Swann.

Globe Theatre, London - 10 July, 1952

Starring: George Benson, Dora Bryann, Ian Carmichael, Diana Decker, Joan Heal, Graham Payne, Pam Marmont, Jeremy Hawk, Hilary Allan, Myles Meason, Irlin Hall and Timothy Spencer.

Revue directed by William Chappell. M.D. Norman Hackforth


  1. Information Desk
  2. Complaints Corner
  3. Your Humble Servant
  4. Jewel Song
  5. Fifty
  6. Modern Trends
  7. Eating Out
  8. Everything Under Control
  9. Homecoming
  10. Torch Song
  11. Something For the Kiddies (includes 'Hamlet, Prince of Skaters')
  12. Two-Way Play
  13. Bank Holiday
  14. Bad Times Are Just Around the Corner
  15. Waiting For My Friends
  16. Time and Again