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Glamorous Night

Cover to Fold Your Wings from Glamorous Night

A musical play in 2 acts: Music by Ivor Novello; Lyrics by Christopher Hassall

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - 2 May, 1935 (243 perfs)
London Coliseum - 28 May, 1936


The story of two people , the young inventor, Anthony Allen, and the glamorous operetta star, Militza Hajos, with whom he falls in love.

Anthony is disappointed with his lack of success with a new system of television and goes on a luxury cruise. Whilst visiting the mythical kingdom of Krasnia, he goes to see an operetta, Glamorous Nights, in which Militza Hajos, the prima-donna of the State Opera House, is singing. Militza, the ex-mistress of King Stefan of Krasnia, has been rehearsing for a new operetta with the tenor Lorenti with whom she shares numbers from the operetta.

The evolving plot concerns an attempted assassination of Militza, prevented by Anthony, which earns him her gratitude. But her departure from the country is urged by her enemies. By chance she joins the cruise ship on which Anthony occupies the luxury suite - which she demands. They meet again and after a ship's concert, at which a stowaway, Cleo Wellington, entertains the passengers, a plot is discovered to blow up the ship and kill Militza. She and Anthony escape the sinking ship. The story continues with a "Gipsy Wedding" and a counter-plot, led by the loyal Gipsies, to restore Militza and King Stefan to public favour and defeat the revolution planned for Krasnia. Peace is achieved at the price of Militza giving up the love of Anthony and marrying Stefan; in return, the King finances Anthony's new television invention.

Back in England, Anthony sees the first newsreel on his new television set - as the play ends he watches the Krasnian royal wedding.

Principal Songs:

  1. Her Majesty Militza
  2. Fold Your Wings
  3. Glamorous Night
  4. Shine Through My Dreams
  5. Operetta
  6. When the Gipsy Played
  7. Far Away in Shanty Town
  8. Gypsy Wedding
  9. March of the Gypsies
  10. Singing Waltz
  11. The Girl I Knew


Mr Allen, Mrs Allen, Aide-de-Camp, Young Officer, Lord Radio, Bertha Potman, Clara Potman, Lucas Teasdale, Rosetta Spalding, Dulcie Glassborough, Mrs Warren, Mrs Phillips