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The Girl from Up There

a Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Book and lyrics by Hugh Morton. Music by Gustave Kerker.

Herald Square Theatre, New York. Opened 7th January, 1901; closed 30th March, 1901(96 performances)
Casino Theatre, London - 1901 (102 perfs)


Olga is a young lady who has lain frozen in a cloth-of-gold gown at the North Pole for 500 years. She is released from her frozen state by a bolt of lightning to face the modern world. She must find the "Gold Cup of Olaf" within ninety days or she will die. Learning that pirates have stolen the cup, she masquerades as a buccaneer whilst J. Angostura Pickles, a disagreeable man, wanders in and out of the story carrying a pepper shaker in a town that forbids sneezing,

Musical Numbers

  1. When Seraphina Plays the Concertina
  2. Don'tYou Believe Those Eyes
  3. Fair Phrynette
  4. I Was Walking Round the Ocean
  5. Susie
  6. We'll Never Eat


  • King Flash of West Polaria
  • King Flush of East Polaria
  • Bertie Tappertit, Captain of the Royal Guards
  • J. Angostura Pickles, a disagreeable man
  • Colonel Marcellus Whizzle, U.S.A., an inventor
  • Captain Hiram Hardtack
  • Jack Hemingway, a young explorer
  • Skeets, a burglar
  • Solomon Scarlet, a pirate chief
  • Christopher Grunt, one of the pirate crew
  • Binks, an innkeeper
  • Olga, the ice maiden
  • Phyrnette, prima donna of the Aurora Borealis Opera Company

  • Thyrza
  • Margot
  • Lais
  • Bebe
  • Theresa
  • Mimi
  • Mabel
  • Sister Heartease
  • Ortrud
  • Christina
  • Althea
  • Zenobia
  • Sibylla
  • Opera Girls


Scenes and Settings