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The Girl Who Smiles

A Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Original version by Paul Hervé. Music by Jean Briquet and Adolf Philipp. English version by Edward A. Paulton and Adolf Philipp.

Lyric Theatre, New York - Opened 9th August, 1915; transferred to the Longacre Theatre 30th August, 1915; closed 6th November 1915 (104 perfs.)

CAST (in order of appearance):

  1. Paul Fabre, impatient
  2. Anatole, his son, imperturbable
  3. Marie, Paul's daughter, imaginative
  4. Pauline Legarde, her maid, impulsive
  5. Madame Bouliere, imperious
  6. Theodore, her son, immature
  7. Henriette, her daughter, impressionable
  8. Alphonse Nuttier, the chef, impracticable
  9. Francois Dechanelle, an artist, impecunious
  10. Rudolf Tapine, a sculptor, improvident
  11. Pierre Renauld, a composer, impoverished
  12. Clarisse Luniere, an actress, impertinent
  13. Fogere a landlord, implacable
  14. Paul Dechanelle, last and least important
  15. Yvonne, Madeline, Modiste ( Models)
  16. Suzanne; Lucille; Celeste; Elaine; Josephine (Grisettes)
  17. Jacques, Henri, Louis, Gaston (Art Students)
  18. Janette, Lizette (Maids)
  19. Jules, Adolf , Philippe, Edouard (Servants)

Musical Numbers


  1. A Little Difference at Breakfast (Opening Chorus) - Paul Fabre, Anatole, Serving Men and Women
  2. Life Has Just Begun (Song) - Marie
  3. Join the Familee17 (Sextette) - Anatole, Marie, Theodore, Henrietta, Madame Bouliere, Paul Fabre
  4. Dance Me Good-bye (Duet) - Alphonse, Pauline
  5. I'm Built for Speed - Phonette
  6. Father Never Raised Any Foolish Children - Phonette
  7. I Forgot the Number of the House - Bertie, Archie
  8. Have You Heard the Scandal - Bertie, Archie
  9. Dance Me Good-Bye - Phonette, Bertie, Archie
  10. Cozey Corner - Marie, Paul, Rudolf, Pierre
  11. Teach Me to Smile (Duet) - François, Marie
  12. The Story of a Sparrow (Song) - Paul Fabre
  13. Finale


  1. A Breath from Bohemia (Opening Number Act II) - Rudolf, Modiste, Madeleine, Yvonne, François, Pierre
  2. I Whispered It to the Rose1 (Song) - Pierre
  3. Solo and Concerted Number - Marie, Alphonse, Rudolf, Pierre, François, Madeleine, Modiste, Yvonne
  4. You Are My Little Cupid (Duet) - Alphonse, Clarisse
  5. Oh! Pauline (My Pauline)(Trio) - Clarisse, Alphonse, Pauline
  6. Your Picture (Song) - François
  7. We're Looking for Marie (Oh Dear Marie)(Concerted Number) - Everybody
  8. Temptation Waltz (Let Us Dance) - Clarisse, François, Rudolf, Pierre, Girls, Boys
  9. A Girl from Paree (Song and Chorus) - Marie, Everybody
  10. Finale Act II


  1. When Labor Comes into Its Own (Opening Chorus) - Alphonse, Serving Men and Women
  2. (A) Honeymoon in May (Duet) - Alphonse, Pauline
  3. Baby Mine (Sextette) - Marie, François, Rudolf, Alphonse, Pierre, Pauline
  4. Finale Act III

Scenes and Settings

Act 1: Country Home of Paul Fabre at Argenteuil—not far from Paris. May, in the immediate past.
Act 2: A Studio in the Latin Quarter, Paris Five weeks later.
Act 3: Same as Act 1. 18 months later, and in the time of falling leaves.